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PROJECT: Eternal Genesis: The Radioplay (revival)

Eternal Genesis: The Radioplay

I know many of you don’t even know what Eternal Genesis is, but don’t worry; I’m here to enlighten you. In 2007 I started writing a story for my own RPG of sorts. It took me a while to come up with something that didn’t involve dungeons and dragons, and legends and chosen ones, and crystals. Then I armed myself with RPG Maker XP and started creating this thing. It went through many restarts and hiatuses due to time and memory losses and stuff. In June 2009, I started up an audiodrama adaptation of the story which is featured on YouTube and the Voice Acting Alliance. With the amazing voice talent from members of the Voice Acting Alliance (including myself), and my hard work at mixing all the audio, nine chapters of the radioplay have been released so far, with the last release being the 8th July 2010. Since then it’s been on an indefinite hiatus. UP UNTIL NOW, OF COURSE. Read the rest of this entry