Mouretsu Pirates 02 – My Power, The Power of Pirates

Unfortunately, there aren't any space shenanigans yet.

「私の力、海賊の力」 (Watashi no Chikara, Kaizoku no Chikara)
“My Power, A Pirate’s Power”

I still don’t know whether or not I’m blogging this show or not, especially since it’s a 2 cour show which I don’t particularly like doing. However, I found myself writing notes about this episode without even knowing it, so I may as well do a small write-up. It’s interesting how the OPs that have become my favourite of this season all have the J-POP sound, instead of the J-Rock sound I tend to enjoy. I really like Mouretsu Pirates, fun and goofy OP and I’m in love with the ED too.

If this is the standard in police weaponry, they are doomed.

So the episode starts off from where the last episode left of where Chiaki had saved Marika from a disguised kidnapper. Interestingly and amusingly, Chiaki still had her sundae in hand. Chiaki seems to be all aware of the whole Marika is the successor to the Captain of Bentenmaru title thing and notes that those shady people inside her bar were probably people looking out for her. Now, there’s one thing about this show so far that’s really coming out as strange to me, and I think I may have brought this up in the last episode’s post. During the little mother and daughter bonding, Ririka had apologized to Marika about not telling her about the whole Pirate business, and the fact that she lied about her father, who Marika thought was dead all this time, was actually alive and only JUST died a few days ago. Hearing all this, and yet, quite frankly Marika doesn’t even seem to give a damn. I mean, I’d be pretty emotional about that. Call it cliche if you want, but I’d have been expecting a big: “NO, MOM! YOU LIED TO ME ABOUT MY FATHER. YURUSANAI! ZETTAI YURUSANAI!!!!” And on while we’re on that topic, it only just occured to me that Marika refers to her mom(?) by her first name. Now recently, we just found out that Haruka is mostly like Shu’s adoptive mother in the Guilty Crown anime, so perhaps it’s the same case here? The first quarter of the episode is spent with some mother-daughter bonding as Ririka shows Marika how to handle a couple of cool guns. And these aren’t your normal guns. These are armour-penetrating guns that can tear a military tank asunder with one shot. Yeah, and the police and military just let the fact that Ririka has a whole trunk of these slide…

An unlikely pairing. I meant like "partner pairing". No, dammit I mean like" a TEAM".

The rest of the episode focuses on the shenanigans of Kane, whose posing not only as Marika’s teacher, but now the Yacht Club advisor, and it seems they’ve got a space-cruise trip planned for them. Interesting. Unfortunately, for me the rest of the episode wasn’t really all that interesting and the episode left off in a particularly lame cliffhanger, if it was one. But it does mention how a pirate ship, which the girls’ school possesses, can be link to the network and therefore be prone to outside attackers. Electronic warfare, if you like, and if you lose, you can lose control of your entire ship. Quite dangerous if you ask me.


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