Ano Natsu de Matteru 02 – Together With Senpai…

Here, have some oppai. You earned it.

「先輩といっしょ…」 (Senpai to Issho…)
“Together with Senpai…”

Now again, I’ll say that I haven’t seen Onegai Teacher, but the fact that Ichika kept saying “Onegai!” during the opening scene had me a little amused. Anyway this episode sure was an amusing one.

jelly kanna is so jelly

AnoNatsu has a good way of implenting humour into its scenes, but it’s not always done right as I expressed an action of immense eyeball-rolling at the whole “I-had-a-dream-where-X-happened, when it actually happened” gag, that I’ve seen so many times before it almost seemed cheesy. Any how, Nanami and more importantly Kanna had witnesssed Ichika’s tits all over Kaito. Kanna is not happy, and if it wasn’t obvious by now: KANNA HAS A CRUSH ON KAITO. Thing is, I believe there is a fine line between jealousy and envy, and I believe that Kanna was on the envy side; so much that it made Kanna seem like a real bitch in this episode. That entire was explanation scene was quite amusing, really, and while the humour with Nanami may be a hit and miss, I sure did like a character and it’s a shame that she’s going overseas and will be away for God knows how many episodes. I’d probably assume that she’d call occasionally.

Why the hell is she naked? Such a tease.

A few words on Kanna’s feelings. Clearly she’s the token osananajimi of the show, while it does appear that she’s all fine and dandy when she’s talking with Kaito alone, she gets all bitchy again and decides to tell the whole world that Ichika’s crashing at Kaito’s place. And by the whole world, I mean the main characters. Check out Keikakudoori’s post on the matter of rules within a set world…and basically the matter of Ichika’s hair colour. Moving on, I’m glad the whole “Kaito’s Fantasies” thing will be a running gag within the show as they always provide for some entertainment, albeit a tad predictable. Also, Kaito has a habit of throwing money out the window…? Apparently.


So after the gang break into Kaito’s house, they hold their meeting there and Lemonade-chan, the person in charge has devised a script that would put Hollywood to shame. Also it would be in CG. Ridiculous film proposal is ridiculous. Interestingly, nothing actually gets done in the meeting after Ichika expresses her wish to have a tour of the area. Instead, Lemonade-chan gets everyone drunk and they all have sexy time together. No seriously, that’s half true. Interestingly, they played The King’s Game, a game I was introduced to by Persona 4. I’ve had this idea of playing this game with a few of my uni friends, but the game is only effective if all the participants are drunk. And it would seem that Lemonade-chan has a high tolerance. Seriously, what was in that Dynamite Drink? Any how, Lemonade-chan is my favourite character now.


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