Ano Natsu de Matteru 01- That’s Troubling, Senpai

Ano Natsu de Matteru

「困ります、先輩。」 (Komarimasu, Senpai.)
“That’s Troubling, Senpai.”

Now, pretty much right after this first episode was aired it seemed the general population of the anime community thought of this show as an almost carbon copy of Onegai Sensei. Now I’ve not seen Onegai Sensei, but I have heard of the series, though I don’t know any thing about. So for me, the premise of this show is pretty new to me. If anything, the character designs reminded me a lot of Toradora!, another show I’ve not seen before (except for two scenes I was in fandubs for). You’ve got the black-haired character with the glasses, blue-haired character, the blue-haired girl, the red-haired girl and the loli-looking strawberry blonde girl who looks a lot like Taiga from Toradora! Both these shows were done by J.C Staff and apparently share the same character designer or something.

What's Taiga doing in this animu?

Right, so where do I begin with this show? I didn’t read much about this show beforehand and so I went in expecting some kind of slice-of-life show, only to find out it has somr supernatural elements to it. The characters are really what brought this episode to life for me as I felt like I was able to connect with them. The interactions between the each of them felt natural. I also like the combination of personalities in the group.

Kaito Kirishima.

We have Kaito Kirishima, the main character of the show whose hobby is filming videos of anything and everything. There’s Tetsurou Ishigaki, the smart and charismatic one out of the bunch who carries that “aniki” aura about him. There’s Kanna Tanigawa, the girl who clearly has a thing for Kaito. Even if he’s totally unaware, the other’s aren’t. There’s also Mio Kitahara, the timid and cute girl who’s good looks make her male peers she’d be good for modelling. And in third year, the young looking, but devious Remon (Lemon?) Yamano, and the new chick in town (or should I say “Earth”?), Ichika Takatasuki.

That's certainly interesting...and not good.

One of the interesting things to note in this episode is that Ichika pretty much almost killed Kaito when she crash-landed on Earth, assuming that was her that caused that massive explosion. Which would’ve explained why she recognized Kaito when he went up to her to request help on his film project. The humor is all there, with Kaito’s amusing yet unrealistic fantasies about Ichika. Definintely hoping to see more of them in the upcoming episodes. I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen next episode after having Ichika’s secret about her being some sort of supernatural being has been exposed, and finding about more about what that was on Kaito’s skin.

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