Guilty Crown 03 – Void Sampling

He doesn't look very nice.

「顕出」 (Kensyutsu)
“Void Sampling”

I gotta stop writing these so late. I’ll make the same excuse again, it’s university and the social life that’s causing me to not have any time for anime. That said, this episode was slightly slower, and took it down a little bit from the past two episodes. Still it was rather fun, as we were introduced to the rest of the cast briefly.

I mean, it had to happen sometime, right?

Didn’t take much notice to their names, but Shuu’s classmates were introduced and I guess they’ll play some sort of sort of important role, especially with the high-school sides of things. Kanon Kusama, the class representative is pictured above. Her and Yahiro Samukawa, the suave classmate of Shuu’s. More on him later, though.

Rather fetching outfit there, Gai.

Ever wondered how Episode 2’s rescue planned worked out so nicely? The void that Shuu takes out is different with each person, and it won’t always be a weapon, or a tool. The damn thing could turn out to be a fridge for all you know. The interesting thing here was the rules of the Power of the Kings. First of all, Shuu can only draw out a void from someone who is 17 years old or younger. That’s quite limiting, don’t you think? But I guess it helps that we have a fair number of bishounens about in this show. And there’s the whole of the school at Shuu’s disposal as we witnessed in this episode. It’s revealed that Gai can see other people’s Void’s which is why he knew that Daryl’s specific Void would work out in the end during last episode’s rescue mission.

Aw, hell no.

The main threat (and reason why Inori attends Shuu’s school now) that we were presented with in this episode was the fact that during the rescue mission last episode, someone from Shuu’s school saw him. So Gai sends Shuu (even though he’s not part of the damn resistance) to track him down. His Void was a pair of shears, and after finding out it was Yahiro, there was a bit of a tense moment, but then they agreed to keep each other’s identities a secret. However, Yahiro sells the poor kid out to GHQ at the end of the episode, and Shuu is left to face the seemingly psychotic Makoto Waltz Seiga.



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