Guilty Crown 01 – Genesis

I don't know about you, but I enjoyed this opening episode.

“Hassei” (発生)

I haven’t had a screenshot with subtitles in it for ages, I guess this is probably my first post since I got my new MacBook Pro.

It’s been some time since my last post here, and I’m actually just trying to catch up with over a week’s worth of new anime. I’ve been to a lot of social events with my new university and having late nights. On top of that I have a flexible part-time job at London’s O2 Arena, so I actually don’t have as much time for anime than I used to. That being said, I’m taking this time I have now to write about my first impressions of Guilty Crown, the only show I’ll probably be blogging (unless Mirai Nikki gets more better than it is now).


So with a show who’s writers worked on two of my favourite anime, and an awesome soundtrack provided by Ryo of supercell and Hiroyuki Sawano, as well as character designs by redjuice, I know I was ready for a good one. The opening of the show was rather interesting, and I really liked the aesthetics of it all. The main character Yuu, seems like your typical main protaganist, but I don’t feel any sort of initial “main-character-is-a-wuss” hate from the character. As far as I’m concerned, this kid is pretty realistic. Ouma Shu, a second year student finds himself somewhat obsessed with Inori the singer from the opening video (and most likely the main heroine). In the compulsory monologue of his, he begins to explain that he’s not very good at being social all that well, and that Japan was attacked with a virus known as the Apocalyspe Virus 10 years ago. With the country almost on the brink of destruction, they had help from many different countries. Japan ended up relying on those countries a bit too much, and Japan can barely stand on their own two feet, as it were.

I'm somewhat reminded of Aerith in the church in FF7.

Interestingly enough, Shu seems to have his own little hideout in a desolate, run-down building. Shu finds Inori bleeding, but half-naked and singing in his hideout, and he makes the rookie mistake of accidentally kicking something loud as he walks closer, causing him to get into more trouble than it was worth. Sooner or later, the bad guys catch Inori, because of her bloodtrail, and they take her away with Shu being unable to do anything.

This also reminds me of the recent Dantalian no Shoka.

I really liked the latter half of the episode and I thought it was were the music really shined, especially during the attack scene and when Shu awakened to Inori’s power. Not entirely sure what the whole guilty crown thing is about, but for Shu to pull out a big gun/sword looking thing and cut that Gundam with it was pretty cool. It’s a slightly similar setup to that of Code Geass, but either way, I’m looking forward to watching the second episode.



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