Sacred Seven 12 – Sacred Seven [END]

This was probably the most satisfying moment in the entire show.

「セイクリッドセブン」 (Seikuriddo Sebun)
“Sacred Seven”

Sacred Seven. It’s finally over. What a ride it’s been. We’ve had our up and downs….mainly downs. But man, were you a big waste of time. I mean, you weren’t horrible or whatever, but the least you could do….the LEAST YOU COULD DO IS END THE SHOW REALLY WELL.

Oh my...

Kenmi Is A Mediocre Villain

It felt that this finale was little over the place, and that there was no real thought to it, especially to Kenmi’s intentions. To be fair, I was expecting nothing but a bucket of final boss battle clichés. Before everything began, Kenmi stood there for five minutes prophesizing what he was going to have for dinner. In the end, Kenmi was just another power-hungry villain who wanted all the power in the world so he could be a God among men. Interesting how Kenmi literally turned into an armoured lizard thing. As far as I’m concerned Kenmi is a really crappy villain. Heck, even when he got that new “impenetrable armour”, all it took was for Arma to be all like “Fuck this. GIGA DRILL BREAKER!!” and end Kenmi. He had the young Aiba’s parents killed because they couldn’t see eye-to-eye with his own “ambitions”. All notions and questions about “What is Kenmi going to do in the final episode?” and this is the best they could come up with. If any thing, Kenmi gets  points for infusing the Kenmi and Honyu’s evil into the innocent Fei.

This is quite a nice shot.

Fei Is A Teddy Frog

No, really. When Fei got all fired up, I was ready for it. I was ready for Fei to change into his Darkstone form. But it’s a bloody frog…bear thing. And all it can do is cry. Also, note that up until this episode I thought that Fei was female. But now I’m calling a trap on this one, since I saw no boobs. That said, Fei suddenly became important in the show as she gets all in angst mode. She declares that everything is her fault and she should just die. So it isn’t until Fei gets all batshit with the evil stone in her where the show begins to draw to a close. After having his Darkstone powers eaten, Knight is granted the power of the Lightstone by Aoi, giving him his new form, which I rather liked. It was a shame that we didn’t get to see him do much in it though.

"It's cold." Yeah, put a fucking shirt on.

Final Thoughts

I was dissatisfied with the way this show ending. But I ain’t even made. I wasn’t expecting one. The way this show has been going on was pretty poorly executed. They had nice ideas, but done in a very generic matter, I think. Still, it’s by no means a horrible show, and if you like a generic shounen anime, this is a candidate. The 4-5 filler episodes in this show were a big waste of time. That’s practically 2 hours that could have been spent delving deeper into the show, the history of the power of Sacred Seven and other things. I really liked Arakune’s character, and I’m disappointed they didn’t do more with her. I was surprised that there was a memorial statue for Kenmi, and I was even more pleasantly surprised that Arakune even bothered to leave something at his grave. Interesting. As a personal rating, I give this one a 6.5/10.


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