Mayo Chiki! 10 – Let’s Dig In!

I'm ready for this.

「いっただっきまーす」 (Ittadakkimaasu)
“Let’s Dig In!”

Before I watched this episode, my girlfriend told me that this episode was a girly one. I had no idea what she meant by that, so I proceeded to watch the episode with curiosity. At the end of the episode, I felt…weird. This episode was hanging in the balance between entertaining and plain disappointing.


Kureha’s Birthday

It was Kureha’s birthday in this episode and she was turning 16. Upon hearing this, it reminded me how naive 16 year old girls in anime can be. Also, hat 16 year old gets excited over getting a teddy bear for their birthday? In any case, this episode was pretty much a girl’s episode, with little involvement of Jirou. Nakuru and Usami threw a small party for Kureha in Usami’s home. Events included gift opening, and a re-enactment of Nakuru’s yaoi doujin, which was pretty amusing until Usami decided to spoil the fun by tossing Nakuru. After the small party, a slightly bigger party was held at the maid café, courtesy of Kanade who hired the entire place for the day. With everyone geared in maid outfits, it was quite nice to witness all of them sing a special Happy Birthday song for Kureha.

"You're 16 years too young to take me on!"

Continuing On…

With the kind of show this is, it’s stupid to expect anything too serious out of this show. Still, I was a little bit disappointed at the direction of Kureha’s flashbacks when they all had some sort of humorous or predictable ending to them. The video game Kanade had the Games Club make was pretty funny. Though it would be rather awkward to have a game where you play as an older brother whose power is the shoot underwear at your younger sister… Huh.

All that said, I think I’m ready for the story to shift back to Subaru and Jirou now. The side characters have had their spotlight now. Though, I hear that even the light novel doesn’t even know what it’s doing with itself right now.

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