Towa no Quon 01 – Fleeting Petals

Meet Quon.

「泡沫の花弁」 (Utakata no Kaben)
“Fleeting Petals”

I don’t usually watch anime movie series.  I did watch Kara no Kyoukai, but I didn’t even finish that. That said, I saw this pop up somewhere, and since I had time (for once), I decided to sit down in this uncomfortable office chair we have in the living room and watch the show. The first 6 minutes had me pretty focused and didn’t bore me at all. Towa no Quon is an original animated film series that will have 6 parts. 3 parts have been released so far, and a subbed release of the first part was just put out a few days ago. It was also made as Iida Umanosuke’s last anime as he sadly passed away last November. It’s unfortunate he didn’t get to see this on the big screens.

Yuri in her Attracter form.

In a futuristic Tokyo, humans who have awakened distinct powers are being hunted by a secret organization named Kestos. Denominated as Attracters, these exceptional individuals are joining forces to defend themselves. They are led by an idealist named Quon who is determined to save all Attracters he can. – synopsis from Anime News Network

That’s pretty much the gist of it. The titular character Quon, who’s voiced by the talented Hiroshi Kamiya, is a bit of a smooth talker with a strong passion of saving everyone. An “urban hero” if you would. The general concept does indeed come off rather generic, but regardless, I’m looking to see where the movie will take us. Quon is the leader of a band of other attractors who help and shelter targeted Attracters under the guise of running some sort of theme park called Fantasium Garden. Quon’s Attracter ability transforms him into a humanoid-looking water dragon they call Insania. Actually he looks a little like Kain Highwind from Final Fantasy IV. In this form, Quon is extremely agile and an expert martial artist and has the ability to use his surroundings against his enemies. He’s the only one who changes form when using his ability.

Other members include, Yuri, their only other fight who provides fanservice about 9 minutes in. DAT ASS. Her power isn’t clear yet, though I just watched the opening scene and it appears that she has super speed or something to that effect.

One other member is Miu (voiced by Chiaki Omigawa), who’s Attracter ability is to speak with animals and speaking animal talk. An innocent little power, with no real purpose yet.

Another one would be the delinquent rival of Quon. His name is Takao, and his Attractor ability is to teleport or create portals to places. Though he’s always skipping out on his training, even to the extent of injuring himself while using his power, he shows his worth, saving Yuuma and Quon and transporting them to another place as backup.

Another member is Ryou who’s power is to hack into systems from anywhere. So he’s basically that one guy who provides intel. He is the eyes and ears.

Other characters include Senji Kamishiro, the old guy who gardens and has a good understanding about children and Attracters in general. Whether or not he is one is unknown. There’s also Wakatsuki, the hot nurse who basically takes care of all the Attractors. And finally there’s Tei who has the Attractor ability of Telepathy, being able to speak to others through her mind.

Kiri accidentally awakening her Attractor ability

The movie opens up with a young kid on the run from this secret organization that hunt Attractors called the Kestos. Not sure what their purpose for hunting down Attractors is yet, but I’m sure it’s because they think they are evil and dangerous and blah blah. Anyway this kid is called Yuuma, and whilst he is running his Attractor power starts awakening. The boy, scared senseless of this strange power falls prey to it, and starts shooting fire balls that decimate anything it touches everywhere. Insania Quon comes in and saves him along with the help of Yuri and they flee after they take down a number of soldiers. That entire opening scene was pretty awesome to watch and it was animated quite well.

Yuuma takes refuge at a Fatansium Garden where a few of the workers secretly shelter and train Attractors to control their powers.Yuuma is given some sort of bracelet that tames his power and allows him to go unnoticed when using it. The Kestos has a system that can track any Attractor with one of those bracelets. This actually reminds me of another show that I am watching called Xam’d which is from the same animation studio, BONES.

Soon enough, Kiri Jougasaki is introduced. She lives with her grandmother Sayuri Jougasaki. Actually, her name doesn’t really matter but I caught a glimpse of her name during the hospital scene. That said, Kiri looks after her grandmother. Kiri’s parents died in a fire when she was young and lost her voice due to the mental trauma of it all. So she spends most of the episode not speaking at all, until one day she finds her grandmother unconscious after leaving her to hang out with the Attractor crew. Oops. In the hospital, Sayuri goes into cardiac arrest and Kiri becomes really scared awakening her power for the second time whilst regaining her voice (who didn’t see that one coming). This brings her back from cardiac arrest. So we can assume her Attractor ability has healing properties. I believe they also have destructive properties depending on the situation. This was shown when Kiri was made a target and she was being attacked.

Towards the end of the episode, Yuuma (who had previously fled from his shelter due to being able to live with his past demons) and Kiri are targeted at the same time, which makes it nigh impossible for Quon to save them at the same time. Even Takao tries to make Quon see that he can’t save everyone, but he goes anyway after giving the whole “I wish to save everyone, no matter what.” speech. Turns out that he couldn’t hold his own and Takao had to save his ass.

Commander of Kestos. Don't even know his name.

I’m loving Towa no Quon so far, and I’m quite looking forward to future instalments. Next part will see the introduction to two new Attractors, Kaoru and Tsutomu.


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