Sacred Seven 10 – The Memories of Aoi

The much needed flashback episode on the Aiba family.

「アオイの記憶」 (Aoi no Kioku)
“Memories of Aoi”

I’m surprised with myself. I actually liked this episode, and it feels like the show is just about ready to end itself with a somewhat satisfactory ending. Or maybe it could blow us all away with a really good one! Thought, with the way this series has been going, I doubt it. And oh my, my hands are freezing I can’t type properly.

For some reason, I really like this shot. Kamagi Senior and Junior.

Situation Surrounding Aoi

She’s been shown so little during the series, it’s easy for someone to forget she exists. She’s Ruri’s younger/older/twin sister who sealed herself within a life-preserving crystal coffin 5 years ago. Last episode during that standard superhero fight, Tandouji’s Sacred Seven power resonated with Aoi, breaking her free from the crystal that she had sealed herself in. The problem is, that Aoi is still not conscious. She’s showing all signs of life, except brainwaves that make her appear to be almost non-existent. With Arma, called in to help, there really isn’t anything he can do except listen to Ruri’s tale about what happened 5 years ago.

It's a real shame, really. This man was the epitome of badass in the entire episode.

5 Years Ago

5 years ago, Christmas. Makoto had a point about decorating the home with Christmas decor, when all of them are spending christmas at a vacation home. Of course, he’s the young apprentice butler and should know his place and keep his mouth shut. That said, while it initially didn’t seem all that important to me, it should be noted that the fight between Ruri and Aoi over the latter breaking Ruri’s angel doll that she created with all her heart as a Christmas present for her parents is probably why Ruri cares about her so much now, probably wanting to apologize for everything.

What we must remember, is that while we do get to see everything that happened during the flashback, even though Ruri is sort of “telling the story” to Tandouji, she only knows what she was present for. This includes the little eavesdropping that Aoi performed on her parents and Kenmi’s meeting where their father had to decided to cut off funding and support for Kenmi’s experiments for they are vile, sick and inhumane. Unfortunately that was a mistake on their end, because Kenmi got all butthurt and killed them off at their vacation home. It was horrible for Aoi to see her father be burned alive and her mother to be impaled and thrown about right in front of her eyes. Makoto’s father on the other hand was a boss, being able to hold his own against the Darkstone that attacked by himself. However he was quickly overpowered forcing himself to sacrifice himself to take him down. Now, when Aoi wakes up, it could make up for some interesting scenes, and she could be the very person to make Ruri and Tandouji realize who the real bad guy is.



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