Mayo Chiki! 09 – A Quick Trip

Yep, this was a maid episode.

「しばらく旅に出ます」 (Shibaraku Tabini Demasu)
“A Quick Trip”

Regrettably, Mayo Chiki! is starting to lose its heat for me. The fact that I literally skimmed through the last episode is a testament to that. However, for some reason, I kept at this episode. And I don’t even think it was because of the abundance of maids this week.

Nope, definitely not the maids.

That said, I don’t even know if I liked this episode or not. I guess it was a bad idea to watch Mayo Chiki! first thing in the morning. Ugh. Usami Masamune. Every time I hear her name, I think of a rabbit with a sword. As Kanade mentioned, Usami is a tsundere by the book and for me, tsunderes tend to get annoying after a certain period of time, especially in shows like this. In fact, the entire show is turning out to be the opposite from what I had expected. I had expected a harem with all the girls on Konoe. At least, that’s what I gathered from the OP. But really it’s just a bunch of different things.

  • Kureha likes Konoe but has done nothing about it as far as I know.
  • Usami also likes Konoe but has shown more interest in Jirou.
  • Nakuru simply has a megane-yaoi-fetish and has no real interest in Konoe.
  • Kanade is a bitch.
Guess I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover/OP. Of all of Kanade’s meddling these past episodes, I had to say that I didn’t particularly like her meddling in this episode. While it was interesting to see Usami getting all tsun up in Kanade’s face all the time, the whole “Jirou-is-a-sick-pervert-and-has-maid-fetishes” thing that made Kureha run out and cry was a little stupid and she came off as a bit of a bitch. She took it a bit far, but at least she called her about the misunderstanding and patched things up. I also found it amusing to see Konoe get pulled into working for the rival butler café where she was able to truly show off her expertise at being a butler. Also, I could’ve sworn I saw that Mirai Suenaga chick in this episode. Cameo, perhaps?

Tsundere maid, brought to you by Usami Masamune.

It’s All About Usami

So this episode focuses on Usami after she ask Jirou to come and help out in the maid café in exchange for letting him copy her summer homework. Fair dos. I thought the episode on the whole was particular sub-standard. And I’m not really a fan of Usami to begin with, so there’s no bonus points here really. The episode was filled to the brim with antics we’ve all seen before, the classic trip-over-and-pull-shirt-down-AND-somehow-manage-to-grab-boob antic was shown here in this episode which resulted a very well deserved facepalm. The bitch is flat-chested anyhow so god knows how he managed that. Also, Subaru’s relationship with Jirou wasn’t the focal point of this episode like last episode (or so I’ve heard). Their status has upgraded from just friends, to best friends. I bet the confession won’t even come around by the end of the season.

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