Kamisama Dolls 09 – Twist of Fate

It's been a while...

「因縁の渦」 (Innen no Uzu)
“Spiral of Fate”

Right, I’m back to blogging for the time being, though I’ll be back in full force once I get my Mac at the end of September. I’ve also been compiling a list of planned watches and coverage for the upcoming Fall season of anime. That said, for such a dramatic episode title, this episode didn’t seem to have much drama at all. I also couldn’t help but think that Kuuko’s father looks scary as hell because of his awkawardly drawn facial bones. It was also nice to see Kuuko again as I love her wild attitude. Bitch still needs to get laid, but it was nice (and a pleasant surprise) to see her in a maid outfit.

Utao's reaction reminds me of Success Kid.

Wait…What Happened In This Episode Again?

Oh, that’s right. Nothing. Or rather not that much. Moyako came down from the village with Koushiro so she can continue fixing Takemikazuchi, Utao’s brother complex rises, especially when she claims she has one less rival. As I mentioned before it was nice to see Kuuko again, and it was rather amusing to see her try to seduce Aki and have him not give a care in the world about her. It’s almost as if in his mind he’s all like “Meh, I’ve had better. I screwed a hot teacher a couple of years back.”

We can’t really say Aki is THE antagonist, because he’s doing nothing more than feeding the fire with fuel on Kyouhei’s end. I can see that old geezer, head of the Hyuuga’s being the main bad guy here, especially since he’s so dramatically evil and has the all-powerful Amaterasu doll. Speaking of the Hyuuga’s, this episode try to do something with Utao and Kirio which was quite pathetic really because I was hoping for something more than a “I’m sorry I won’t fight you again.”.

Then I heard Kana Hanazawa's voice, and all was forgiven.

Final Character Finally Appears

Mahiru Hyuuga is the final main character to appear, according to the show’s ED. I don’t know what to say about her yet, but the girl seems a little theatrical and has some sort of attachment to “Kyouhei-sama”. We can only wait til next week when we see more of her.


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