Sacred Seven 06 – One More Knight

Epicness. Sacred Seven just got good again.

「ワンモアナイト」 (Wan Moa Naito)
“One More Night”

Finally! No more of that filler nonsense we’ve seen for the past two episodes. Back to the canon plot. And that is the issue with Knight and his inability to contain his strength to stay human. We didn’t get to see Alma transform, but in return we got two nice fight scenes from other characters.

I was totally getting Tron vibes from this shot.

The Issue of Kijima Knight

Now, that the show’s focus has returned to the more central point of things, it seems that all that really matters now is Kijima Knight, which is strange. Halfway through the series and we still don’t have a clear antaganist. I fear that the show might pull a deux-ex-machina or a bait-and-switch on us towards the end of the show. Poor Kijima Knight is still struggling with keeping his dormant Darkstone form in check. And quite frankly, he’s out of the supplies he needs to create more drugs to help him out (seemingly Fei’s blood). I’m not too sure on the details but it would seem that Kijima Knight was under experimentation in the past against his will I imagine.

This seems...a bit out of character. But then again, we are not to take this show seriously really. Why am I blogging this again? Oh yeah, it's an original show.

On The Light Side Of Things

Clearly, Ruri holds some sort of feelings for Alma which is a bit sudden to be honest. Seeing Ruri smile warped my heart a bit for some reason. I mean, it’s nice to see her smile and all, but the timing of it all seems a bit wrong. Especially with the whole tsundere act she got going on up on the rooftop with Alma. I lol’d when Sunrise decided to drop in a second of fanservice on her departure. Kagami also appears to be popular with the ladies, especially Wakana’s friends who appear they want to give him a blowjob. By the way, I was surprised to see him in class. Didn’t he say in Episode 1 or 2 that he’s like…already graduated from Harvard or something? Also, I think it’s safe to say that nobody gives a shit about Wakana. Her two friends have more of a presence than she does and I don’t even remember their names (without having to check last week’s post).

So obviously, we know that Ruri gets kidnapped beacause Kagami is an idiot. Funny how he scolded Alma at the end of last episode for not protecting Ruri, when he just went and lost Ruri himself. The kidnapping was actually pretty hilarious to me. It was obvious the girl hit by the car was Fei, but it did not occur to me it was a distraction for Knight to roll up in the car and kidnap Ruri. So the unnamed chick from Episode 3 is called Arakune. Strange name, but I LOVE HER. As I said before her attitude towards everything is just really amusing and watching her in battle is a delight. She’s pretty strong and doesn’t mind taking a sword to the arm.



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