Mayo Chiki! 05 – Go Out With Me

Subaru Gut Punch was GLORIOUS.

「アタシと付き合いなさい」 (Atashi to Sukiainasai)
“Go Out With Me”

Man, these London Riots have been messing up my anime scehdule. Not that I’ve been out rioting/looting, but I’m getting distracted and keep monitoring what’s going on. The rioters hit my side of town today, so I had to stay on point the entire day, really. ANYWAY, enough about the London Riots. I have an anime to talk about.

It seems we may have a rival thrown into the game.

The Tsundere Subaru Never Was

I’d like to imagine what kind of a show Mayo Chiki would be if the roles of Subaru and the newly-introduced Usami Masamune were switched. You’d probably have your typical, run-of-the-mill romantic comedy show with that token tsundere. Usami is that token tsundere, but still has a couple of traits that make her stand out a little bit, but for the most part, she’s pretty much the conventional tsundere.

But enough about tsundere talk. The introduction of Usami Masamune is pretty much another game-changer of the show and is another addition to Subaru’s growing harem. Jirou is approached by Usami on the rooftop and demands that he takes her to the School Fair as her boyfriend, though Jirou already promised he’d do such with Subaru. Usami blackmails the poor dude into by showing him a picture of him and Subaru when they were on a date and Subaru had her hair out. If he doesn’t comply, that picture is going out throughout the entire school. I wouldn’t think that she’d actually go through with doing that, given that she has no friends. That said, at the end of it, Subaru finds out and Jirou is given a gut punch that made me wonder if he was actually going to get up from that.

That’s pretty much all we got this episode, other than that nice mizugi shot of Usami which was rather HNNGGH. Also, slight progresses with Kanade’s underlying relationship with Jirou. It also seems we’ll be seeing that tanned neko-chick Naruki next episode. We haven’t seen her since Episode 1, and even then that was only brief.

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