Sacred Seven 05 – Mirror of the Heart

How do I feel about this episode, I wonder?

「心のカガミ」 (Kokoro no Kagami)
“Mirror of the Heart”

I’m late with this post, but I was also late with watching this episode. The fact of the matter here is that I’m actually forcing myself to watch this show in hope that somewhere along the line, it cut the bullshit and actually come out with something half-way decent.


It’s Just A Beach Episode On The Surface

But when it gets down to it, this wasn’t a beach episode at all. I sure wasn’t in favour of watching one, but they were gonna do a beach episode, then I’d expect a bit fanservice and some cheesy/pervy plot to permeate the episode. But instead, we got an episode that does nothing more for the plot than show us stronger vibes of something a lot of already figured out from around episode 2, and that’s the sort of love-triangle that seems to be forming between Arma, Ruri and Kagami. Ruri seems to like Arma, Kagami seems to like Ruri, and Arma seems to be neutral to this whole thing.

The episode starts of as semi-beach episode, as we get shots from Nanami and Ageha, the two friends of Wakana who wasn’t even in a swimsuit because she was busy collecting stones. She’s so boring, I just don’t even care about that one. She’s so uninteresting, I forgot to take a screenshot of her. That said, someone (most likely Hellbrick) sensed a Darkstone within some ruins Wakana found (that’s all she was good foin this episode).

Kagami decides to scope the place out in his Knightmare Frame thingy, and specifically leaves Arma to keep Ruri safe or else…? Turns out they somehow fall into various traps (I didn’t pay attention to this part). One thing that’s interesting to note is that Arma is quite effecient in fighting small fry without his power suit…if he’s wearing some sort of protective gear. In any case, Ruri and Kagami meet up trapped within the caves, with the walls closing in on them. Really not interesed in explaining the details, but Arma manages to get his power suit up, saves the day and then Kagami scolds him afterwards and puts him on a rough training schedule.


Oh what’s that, preview? Next episode? Thank God.

Tomphile, your blog posts seem to be the only things relevant to my posts in the Related Articles section. XD


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