KamiMemo 04 – Hanamaru Soup Incident

Meanwhile at Hanamaru...

「はなまるスープ顛末記」 (Hanamaru Suupu Tenmatsuki)
“Hanamaru Soup Incident”

This episode was the episode that made me consider dropping the show. I was so bored by this episode given that I had practically solved the mystery from the beginning.

Grow a pair, Alice.

More A Blunder Than A Mystery

Min-san’s little backstory about how her father left her to run the ramen shop was a huge clue to this case. Well, not the case, but just the mystery behind that shady man who kept on coming to Hanamaru, ordering ramen, sipping the soup and then leaving. He was Min-san’s father, basically checking up on her. My question is why he had to be so secretive about it. Why did he leave Min-san? I was hoping this episode would explain such, but it didn’t because the show only dedicated a single episode to this segment. Disappointment.

The case itself was the issue of the theif stealing Min-san’s sarashi. When the perp is finally caught, it turns out to be some stupid lingerie artist who can’t stand seeing Min-san’s G-Cups suppresed by sarashi and proposes that Min-san should be wearing bras. Stupid really, but I can understand that the story needed a diversion to drag attention away from Mr Shades because he was like…the OBVIOUS suspect.


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  1. Alice isn’t the one who needs to grow a pair – it’s Narumi. 😀

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