Sacred Seven 02 – Lapis Lazuli-Coloured Bond

Sure beats that crappy moped-looking thing he usually rides in.

「ルリ色の絆」 (Ruri-iro no Kizuna)
“Lapis Lazuli-Colored Bond”

Oh dem references. Ruri (琉璃) means Lapis Lazuli which is quite a precious stone. And what with the show’s theme with rocks and stone, it only seems fitting. In any case, I got to watching the second episode today. For some reason, this episode came out quick for me. It doesn’t feel that long since the last episode. In any case, this episode was pretty interesting.

It seems that they've met. Explains the sudden "chosen one" aspect this show was giving off.

Backstory, ahoy!

Ruri’s Sister

Sacred Seven took the time to slow down this episode and shove some plot and backstory into our faces. First of all the is the reason why Ruri requires Aruma’s powers. Some few years ago, Ruri’s parents were attacked and killed by a Darkstone. Ruri’s sisters was also petrified in a gem state on that same day. The crystal Ruri once were wore was a memento from her mother, which she has now used on Aruma to awaken his true power. What was interesting is that she didn’t want Aruma to know about the sister part, so that he doesn’t end up helping her out of pity, but Kagami goes ahead and shows her to him anyway.

Aruma Is Not A Cold-Blooded Killer

Remember that Aruma had injured a number of students? Well, in a few seconds it’s revealed that they got what was coming to them. Aruma was being bullied by a gang, that had taken his own crystal stone and threw it done the river, which he then proceeded to beat the living crap out of everyone. This is the same river where Aruma goes to “collect rocks” but what he’s really doing is looking for the jewel

Aruma and Ruri Have Met Before

Again, in a matter of seconds, it’s revealed that Aruma and Ruri have indeed met before, as you can see from the screenshot above. Maybe they were friends when they were young? If so, it doesn’t explain why he doesn’t remember her at all. He’s seen using his power to save her, which is probably why she knew of his power in the first episode, and that he’s not some sort of “chosen one” which is a plot aspect that people generally dislike

Where Sacred Seven Came From

The show also drops information on the origin of Sacred Seven which was caused by a meteorite that hit the earth around 17 years ago. The meteorite contianed minerals that had an abnormal ability to alter the DNA of someone giving them powers. I’d say Aruma had come into contact with this at birth, but he was one at the time, since Aruma states that he’s 18 in this episode.

Ruri sure is a brave character. Fuck using a parachute, she believes in Aruma!

Nothing Else Mattered

No really, as far as I can remember, nothing else really happened other than the monster of the week, which is a formula this show might end up taking. Then there was that Dark Knight dude who was creeping about doing whatever, but that scene with the engrish. DAT ENGRISH. Oh man.



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  1. LOLOL Yes DAT engrish “guess it was my imagination.” That line made me laugh so much.

    Anyway yep! Nice reveal on the back story of Aruma and Ruri’s first meeting and where the Sacred Seven powers come from, space of course 😀

    So far I really do enjoy this anime! Can’t wait for the next episode it looks even better with the blue armor guy fighting Aruma that should prove to be a great fight to watch.

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