Mayo Chiki! 01 – End of Earth

As you can probably tell, mayhem is about to go down.

「エンド・オブ・アース」 (Endo obu Aasu)
“End of Earth”

Apart from Dantalian no Shoka, I believe this is the last of the shows I’ll be writing a post on. I’ll be semi-blogging this, because a friend of mine (not AmaiRamune) is supposed to be covering this show, but I don’t know if he’s watched it and he tends to forget a lot. That said, I watched this on Friday, and I found it pretty entertaining. Looks great and sounds great. I also believe this is the only comedy show that I’m following this season.

Pretty light-skinned, cat-ear wearing (?) girl, ahoy!

It's her fault. Should've locked the door! Not exactly the best of fateful meetings.

First Impressions

One of the first things I liked about the show is how vibrant it looked. I haven’t experienced much of feel‘s work past Corpse Princess and Yosuga no Sora (oh man that show…), so seeing the character designs and animation in this is quite the eye-opener for me. Write off the bat, we’re introduced to Kinjirou “Jirou” Sakamachi and his little sister Kureha. The latter of whom is seen wrestling Jirou in a number of different wrestling moves. Jirou suffers from gynophobia, which is a fear of girls. I mean, who wouldn’t when your mom is a super strong wrestling nut who beats you for the heck of it?

That said, the story begins when Jirou accidentally sees Subaru Konoe using the toilet, more specifically her pantsu. You see, Subaru is the butler to the scandalous Kanade Suzutsuki. However, the role of a butler is only allowed to be passed down to the males who serve the Suzutsuki family. With Subaru being the only child, and her passion to be a butler, she was allowed to become one under one certain condition. To attend high school as Kanade’s butler under the guise of a male without letting anyone know of her actual gender. Of course, our fateful meeting between Subaru and Jirou is the catalyst for the plotline to begin.

With the secret out, Subaru can no longer allow Jirou to live, and she’s shown to be really strong. What is it with anime and their use of insanely awesome/strong butlers, anyway? More shenanigans ensue, and then Kanade handles things from their. She’s shown to be very scandalous and flirty…and somewhat kinky as well. Really, they both should actually silence him. Instead, she decides to help him out with his gynophobia. In a turn of events, Subaru is ordered to stay with Jirou, which for plot’s sake; so more shenanigans can happen.

I really like what was presented here, as I said before. I think what feel has done here looks really nice. I was really impressed with Yuka Iguchi‘s lower voice for Subaru. That really surprised me, and my girlfriend was convinced a male was voicing her when we watched this. As for plot, I’m not usually exposed to this kind of plot for a romantic comedy, so I don’t know what to expect. I was very much entertained by this episode, and I’ll definitely keeping up with this. I might blog this show, or I may pick it up if I decided to drop any of the other shows I’m actually blogging. This show was going to be blogged by a friend of mine, but he told me he isn’t watching any anime this season (except Nichijou and Ao no Exorcist) because he doesn’t find any of the line up interesting.

…I know right?

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