Sacred Seven 01 – Awakening of the Stone


Oh hey there, Megaman ZX.

「イシの目覚め」 (Ishi no Mezame)
“Awakening of the Stone”

I have a bunch of tweets that could sum up my thoughts of this episode, so I’m just gonna combine them all and create this post. What we have here is a original anime by Sunrise. On the surface it looks like a high school mecha shounen. A lot of people have been comparing this to Star Driver which isn’t fair. To me, Star Driver wasn’t even shounen. In any case, let’s get this post underway.

「stone cold」
by FictionJunction

 I’m not really a fan of the OP, to be honest. Again, a couple of people compare it’s opening to Star Driver’s OP. At least, with the visuals. It is nothing like Star Driver’s OP except for maybe the beginning of it.

Oh, hey there, Lelouch.

Oh hey there, Lelouch.

Fear of the Darkstone’s Power

So from the get-go, it’s made pretty clear that everyone in high school is scared of our main protaganist, Aruma Tandouji for the fact he mortally wounded a huge amount of a high school students and was put on probation for it. Given that the episode opens with Tandouji unable to keep his dormant powers in check, we can assume that this true. Though, as far as the rest of the school is concerned, this is just a rumour, and no one else believes that more than Wakana Itou who constantly tries get Tandouji to join her club. Sooner or later, Tandouji is visited by a rich girl named Ruri Aiba and her butler, Makoto Kagami, who bears a resemblance to Sebastian Michaels of Kuroshitsuji. They know everything about him, including his dormant power, though Tandouji gets vexed trying to keep his power in check and almost harms Ruri.

New found power is cool.

New found power is cool.

Awakening of Sacred Seven

Here’s where things started to get a little crazy, rushed, and…famliar. The show stopped being serious the second the Maid Platoon Squad showed up. They appear to be under Kagami’s command. Then, this huge rock monster, that I’m gonna call Medusa shows up and starts turning people into stone. This all gives the plot a setup for Tandouji to become the hero. While, Kagami and his Maid Squad handle things on their own, Tandouji rushes towards town (danger) on his  petrol scooter because Wakama is in trouble, unintentionally throwing his dormant powers out of whack. Tandouji eventually turns, and goes apeshit. It’s Ruri who predictably believes in him and awakens his true power, the power of the Sacred Seven. Baddie is defeated. The day is saved. Ruri then buys the high school just so she can keep tabs on Tandouji. Oh boy.

This is a pretty cool image.

First Impressions

A lot of people are knocking this off as being really cliché, and comparing it to Star Driver and Code Geass and blah blah blah. First of all, I’m not gonna say that this wasn’t cliché, because it kinda was. The entire setup of this first episode is something that we’ve all seen before. Things were rushed, and they just wanted to get the main character to awaken his power really quickly. Things weren’t explain much, like what the power of the Sacred Seven is, or what power Tandouji had before that, or how he even obtained that power in the first place. Second, this show is nothing like Star Driver and Code Geass. At the very least, they aren’t in terms of ideas and plot. Sure, we saw Kagami piloting something that looked like a Knightmare Frame in the episode, and the character designs are reminiscent of Code Geass, but that’s because Chiba Yuriko was the main animator for both shows.

What we had here was an episode that had a lot of foreshadowing on the show’s backstory. It was feared protagonist > mysterious goodie girl > gives power to protaganist > now we begin the show. There wasn’t any sort of cliffhanger that made me want to watch the next episode. All in all, it was a pretty sub-par episode. But listen, so was Tiger and Bunny’s first episode (in my opinion, at least) and look how good that’s gotten. I’m by no means, turned off by this show. I still liked what I saw, no matter how lame it might have been. I wanna see where Sunrise go with this, and the ideas they’ll present.



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  1. I liked this first episode! Great fun and cool action! Maids, mecha and monsters ahaha great stuff. Yeah that Opening was soso I didn’t mind it and usually I skip if its FunctionJunction not sure why but I was never a real fan of their works, but it fits nicely with this and that video reminded me of Star Driver with the whole colors and what not.

    Characters are dull but hopefully Alma doesn’t mope around all the time, I was surprised he could fight! Usually they have to learn how to use the new powers after a while. This is great I do hate when it takes 20+ Episodes for the main character to figure OH HEY! I can fight.

    Well this will be a ton of fun to follow! Even if it turns into pure crap I will still have fun ❤ Nice review too btw.

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