AnoHana 11 – Farewell, Menma [END]

Farewell, Menma

「あの夏に咲く花」 (Ano Natsu ni Saku Hana)
“The Flower Blooming on That Summer”

First of all, I didn’t cry. I was supposed to but I watched this show at 4am. I guess I was just too tired to cry. Second of all, I know I said in my last post about my current situation and about how I can’t really post about anime. I still can’t. But see, college is over, and I have until September free (unless I get a job that is). I may not have a laptop, but I’m able to utilize my little brother’s one, but only at night. So I can only watch anime at night, and I can only blog about it at night. That explains why I’m writing this at bloody 4am in the morning. While I’m not back in full-swing, I just wanted to pop in and share my impressions on AnoHana.

Super Peace Busters

Final Impressions

Remember when AnoHana started way back when? The first episode put some people in tears, and everyone thought that this show was going to be GREAT? Yeah, I’m not thinking that so much right now, looking back at it. Now I’m not saying this show is bad or anything, but it wasn’t life-changing. Heck, even Madoka Magica wasn’t, regardless of it’s cult-following.

So the entire show had us go through 10 episodes of finding out what Menma’s final wish was before parting. I feel there wasn’t much character development from anyone throughout the show. It was more sort of revealing stuff about characters rather than developing them. Like the whole cross-dressing charade which I thought was actually pretty cool (story-wise).

I have to give props to this show for making my girlfriend break out of her “only-watch-completed-anime” game just to watch this show. It seems it was THAT captivating. Many people hated Tsuruko during the early stages of the show, because of what a bitch she was, but she ended up being (one of) the best character(s) in the show for. I dunno, maybe it’s because to me, Tsuruko seemed more realistic. She also a tad unpredictable.

As for the final episode, it was a miserable one. Literally, everyone was leaking tears all over the place. But with good reason. After the failed attempt at sending Menma to heaven last episode, everyone met together to discuss why she didn’t go. Reason? They were selfish bastards. Everyone one of them (except for maybe Jintan) wanted to send Menma to Heaven for their own reasons. Poppo’s confession was probably what hit me most, though. Especially he saw where Menma went when she died. In this scene I felt there was a lot of over-the-top-ness and melodrama, especially when everyone started bawling together AT THE SAME TIME. And then there was that whole “two eyelashes” gag? Maybe I was missing something there, but…I didn’t understand.

The actual ending was what I liked the most, with Jintan losing his ability to see Menma was actually pretty heart-wrenching, but at least he could still see her. Then the final scene at the cliffside when everyone is able to see Menma and say their final goodbyes right before she fades away. I should have cried. I really should have.

During my time when I was writing for, I mentioned that AnoHana and Hanasaku Iroha were pretty much my first slice-of-life anime, and I still stand by my statement that these two shows have pretty much got me into the genre. However, this show, I would not rewatch even if you paid me. Gurren Lagann, I’d rewatch, but not this. Everything in between the first and last episode was a tad…how should I put it….stretched out. But still, I’d recommend this show to pretty much anyone. It’s not a bad show, and you CAN enjoy the whole way through (if you can put up with Menma, at least). I give this show a firm 8.5/10


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  1. I think I saw someone saying he wished for a second season. Oh, no. Please no. The show is good. Let’s leave it alone. I think we are in the same boat here because I’m glad the show ended. While I enjoyed AnoHana much I doubt I’d rewatch it anytime soon despite how good the show was. Very very heavy and emotional show.

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