[3L Pro] Piano [SONG]

So apparently I’m in a composing mood. To be honest, I need to be if I’m going to compose a really good song as part as my Final Major Project for college. The deadline for that was last Friday, but then our music rooms got flooded from the heavy rain that happened the previous day. So it’s been moved to next Friday. In any case, this song is another (and probably the last) warm-up song before I start composing something fierce. It’s called “Piano” and by the name, it’s heavily piano-based. If you’re wondering why the piano sounds very…mechanic, it’s because I don’t own a MIDI keyboard. Every song I’ve ever made (save 2 or 3 songs) has been hand-pianted on the paino roll tool.


About McTricky

I'm Jeremiah George. Mostly known as McTricky online, and various places. Music, video games, anime, manga, piano. Those are my kinda stuff.

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