Deadman Wonderand 06 – Hummingbird

Today, we deal with this psychotic bitch.

“Hamingu Bādo” (ハミング・バード)

All this talk and nonsense about the rapture aside, I AM BACK. If but for a short while. I’ve got a big college deadline coming up this Wednesday, so I need to work on that first. Let’s just say that I need to record a live band cover of Love Song, record my original piano solo piece, AND create a song on Logic Pro and find a vocalist for it and record her vocals, ALL BY WEDNESDAY. I haven’t done any recording. Yeaaah. But anyway, I decided I should at least come back and write for the halfway point in the series that I’m (supposed to be) blogging. Or in Ao no Exorcist‘s case, quarter-way point.

Oh, Ganta...she only touched your arm.

Ganta, the White Knight

You’ve all been watching the show, yes? Because I’m not going over any/everything from the episodes I haven’t posted about. Not even the whole revelation(?) about Shiro turning out to be the Wretched Egg at the end of last episode. That said we’re introduced to a new character, and a character that I’ve taken quite a liking to already. Minatsuki Takami. She’s introduced as a sweet, helpless flower-girl who’s being harrased by this dude who has an eating disorder. Ganta helps her out, and they escape into her room which is filled with pretty flowers. If I wasn’t already spoiled by the OP, I’d still be able to tell that her sweet demeanor was too good to be true. Given that fact that she’s in G-Block must mean she’s a Branches of Sin user, meaning she’s dangerous and able to fend for her self. I was surprised to see some fanservice in this episode. Though, better they pulled the fanservice card on Minatsuki rather than Makina, regardless of her G-sized bust. Still, Ganta’s awkwardness was hilarious.

She's rather hawt.

Woodpecker vs Hummingbird

So as Ganta promises to protect Minatsuki, they plan to make an escape. Ganta suffers from a huge cut on his leg from falling pipes and debris from the ceiling which was actually Minatsuki’s doing. It is then revealed that she is Hummingbird, a Carnival Corpse contender, scheduled to fight Woodpecker (Ganta) in a fight to the death. Ganta can’t believe it, though at that point, he doesn’t know Minatsuki’s true nature, which is revealed in their fight. After bringing out her blood by ripping her ear piercings out, she attacks Ganta with her Whip Wing power with immense speed. As Ganta goes to attack her back, Yoh stops him, saying that she’s his sister. With permission with Takami, the brother-sister drama is able to continue with no interruptions. It’s revealed that she killed her father with her power, and that her mother left her to die during the Great Toyko Earthquake. Horrible mother. Seriously, taking your plants with you instead of your child? Minatsuki lashes out at Yoh restraining him, and using him as a human shield as Ganta tries to attack her. Minatsuki gets sexually pleased seeing others suffer. To be honest, I tend to like these kinds of characters when done well. I was even more surprised when I found out that Nomizu Iori voiced her. While she’s not had many roles, she’s known for being the voice of Nymph out of Sora no Otoshimono and Haruna from the recent Kore wa Zombie desu ka? shows. All that aside.



To all the haters.


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  1. New girl hahaha if anyone thought she was going to be this moe cute girl you were sadly mistaken, after all no one is truly “sane” in this show so far.

    This is still so damn slow! and censored xD She can say the F word in sub but they still bleep out other words so random…

    Agreed Ganta = BRO with his F You guys hahhaha

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