[C] CONTROL: The Money of Soul and Possibility 06 – Conflict

THE RAPTURE HAS COM---wait what.

「Conflict (葛藤)」 (Kattou)

The above caption joke would have been relevant if I were able to post this yesterday, but oh well. If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted much recently, long story short: hiatus + huge college deadline. I’ve still had the time for anime though…just not writing about it. [C] is sometimes a chore to watch. Not because it’s boring, but because my laptop can’t handle 720p videos all to well, and GGSubs don’t cater to 480p viewers. So I usually have to be lucky that my laptop will run the damn episode with out it lagging. This is a problem with AnoHana and Ao no Exorcist too. In any case, where we are at the half-way point in the series of [C] and I’ve realized that even up until now there’s been a lot of learning going on as opposed stuff actually happening. Of course, that is not to say that stuff doesn’t happen, but every episode we’re learning something new. With that in mind…

I find Msyu rather amusing as a character...in a cute way.

This Week’s Lesson: Deal Cancelling

Early in the episode we’re told that Yoga’s next opponent will be a man named Kou Sennoza, who’s more or less on the same level as Mikuni in terms of financial power. Kou approaches Yoga in the Financial District and introduces himself as Yoga’s next opponent. He offers him a way to cancel the Deal, which is to pay half of one’s assets. Or something like that. And he offers to pay for them too. This guy is seriosuly loaded. Like 11 billion yen, or something? Paying half of that each time someone accepts his offer? That’s a seriously blow to his funds. Still, I don’t think anyone has ever accepted his offer, and Kou isn’t all that interested in Deals anyway, much like Yoga.

The Great Relish Burger

Economy & Future

Serious economy talk. The stuff I’m not good at understanding all too well, but we’ll see. Yoga is approached (read: kidnapped) by Jennifer, the blonde chick who speaks engrish hilariously. Yoga is either an ally or an enemy to her depending on the choices he makes. She mentions that Mikuni is using his futures to aid in minimising the effects of other Entré’s deals. Though, as Kou says later on in the episode, by doing this, Mikuni and the Starling guild are pumping more Midas Money into the real world, which is probably a good thing in its own right. However, no one knows what the Midas Money is there for, and we can only imagine that it’s something pretty bad. Kou lost to Mikuni once. That was probably his only loss. The price? Other people’s futures. When Yoga goes to speak with Mikuni later, he says that the future is a continuation of the present, so without the present, there would be no future. Simple stuff, but that’s why he’s focusing on the present. We have two sides here. We don’t know who’s wrong or right yet, which makes things rather interesting.


Much better.



So with all this information loaded into our brains, Yoga proceeds with his Deal with Kou. Kou OPENS DEAL and summons his extremely powerful asset: “Angel”. I think it fits him because his name is Kou and “kou” (光) means “light” in Japanese. That said it was actually pretty heart-wrenching to see Msyu defend Yoga and get brutally beaten up, cry in pain, even so much as to have her arm cut off. It was quite a sight. But with the classic resolve to protect those close to him, Yoga finds the strength to beat Kou. Which is actually completely skipped. Now, I know that [C] isn’t about the fights, but I would have like to seen a bit more from that. I felt a little cheated, but I’m not gonna complain too much. Like the teacher, there’s not hate or bitterness from Kou even though he lost like…everything in reality. He comments that Yoga is strong and probably has the strength to fight his way out of the Financial District.


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  1. Mysu! Succhhh a cute demon girl Right up there with Merry Nightmare as far as character designs similar personalities too I noticed, both curious and always fun xD

    That monster at the end HOLY CRAP EPIC!! To bad we didn’t get to watch that battle T___T

    C is nothing amazing I hate the lazy ass CGI WHY! Anyway I can’t drop it after getting this far anyway 😛

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