[PSP] Grand Knights History

Grand Knghts History

So, I recently caught wind of Vanillaware‘s upcoming game. It’s called Grand Knights History which will be an JRPG for the PSP. I’ve never played Muramasa, but I did purchase Odin Sphere a few months ago and I still haven’t gotten past Gwendolyn’s story (which is like…the first one). GrimGrimoire slipped by me, because I never saw it in any shops here in London. That tends to happen with RPGs that aren’t Final Fantasy or Star Ocean. This game will have a traditional turn-based system, unlike Odin Sphere and Muramasa, which were both action-RPGs.

General art of the game, screenshot displaying the battle screen.

Vanillaware are known for their lush 2D artwork and graphics seen in all of their games, giving their releases that extra bit of  aesthetic unique-ness. The game takes place in a land called Rystia, which is home to 3 dfiferent nations that are at war; Avalon, Union and Logres. You get to play as a leader of any one of the three nations’ knights division as you lead a team of warriors into various battles and conflicts. You can customize these characters as well, such as rasing their stats, changing their appearances and even as far as defining their personalities, which I personally think would be something interesting.

The developers at Vanillaware wish to make this turn-based battle system innovative by fusing online and offline to create a unique experience. I’m interested to see how this’ll work out, though it’s a shame my PSP’s WLAN toggle button doesn’t work.

“The 2D characters will be animated just like in our action games, and we’re also challenging ourselves to build a new type of gameplay by fusing online and offline,” said Tomohiko Deguchi, project director at Vanillaware. “Most RPGs up to now involve one person or a group of friends playing together, but we’re trying to set up this new kind of game, a full-on war that all the users are connected together in. It’s a war RPG where not just one player, not just a few people, but all of the players are drawn together as they fight.”

Grand Knights History will be released in Japan on September 1st. There’s no announcements on any localization for North America or Europe, though I believe this game will have a chance since Vanillaware’s other games seemed to have made it outside of Japan and do particularly well.

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