Ao no Exorcist 01 – Demons Live in the Human Heart

Ao no Exorcist

「悪魔は人の心に棲む」 (Akuma wa Hito no Kokoro ni Sumu)
“Demons Live in the Human Heart”

For some reason, I felt right at home whilst I was watching this. I don’t know what is was. Maybe it was due to the fact that we had Nobuhiko Okamoto and Jun Fukuyama playing two of the main roles? Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen a single female main character in the show (yet?). Who knows? But hell, did I enjoy the first episode of Ao no Exorcist. Airing a bit late compared to the other shows. Whilst I’m blogging the first episode of this show now, I’ll be blogging the THIRD episode of STEINS;GATE show on Tuesday.

Father and son bonding.

Who Do We Have Here?

So we only had three characters in this episode that were of any importance. Our main protagnist is 15-year-old Okamura Rin, a kid who’s always getting into some sort of trouble, getting into fights and being inept and doing simple things such as putting on a tie. Though he’s an excellent cook. We can give him that. Rin is actually a good person at heart, he just never seems to do things right. He lives with his younger and “better” brother Yukio Okamura who is actually leaving soon to attend this top school. He’s more or less the polar opposite of Rin. He’s sensitive, kind, and has good manners and blah de blah de blah. Taking care of them both is Shiro Fujimoto, the priest at the church they all live in. He’s pretty awesome for a priest, getting excited when Rin told him he saw some hot chicks. There aren’t any good looking females in this show, dummy. Well, at least not yet. Aside from these 3 there are some other minor characters that either live or work in the church, and they’re double-edged. They either poke fun at Rin for being such a loser or they even support him, going as far as to help him get ready for an induction for another job after being fired recently from his last one. The theme of family was slightly portrayed in this episode, witht the whole farewell dinner and especially the “bromance” between Rin and Yukio when they were speaking on the phone.

People say she was weird. I was more fascinated with her hair.

Good Filler Was Good

I read a spot of the manga before the anime aired, and well the whole thing about Yui was just filler. But a good one at that, because it didn’t really deviate from the story. It was just another way of telling it, and effectively at that. Rin meets a little girl named Yui, and sees that she’s having trouble. Turns out a little demon is harrassing her, and Rin is surprised he saw such a thing. Rin chases after the little critter into the store he just got hired at. Of course, this does not end well, since Rin is the only one that can see the little demon and while he makes loads of mess in the store, Yui gets injured and Rin is fired from his job. Not fun at all, huh? It was interesting to see Rin more or less scold Yui’s father for not believing (in) Yui, since her parents are all that she has when it comes to dealing with “demons”. But it was also hilarious to see Fujiwara stop him by punching him, telling him that he’s years too early to be scolding anyone.


Son of Satan

Towards the end of the episode Rin is confronted by Astaroth, but to defend himself, Rin accidentally lets out a burst of blue flames. Astaroth is then defeated by Fujimoto in such an awesome fashion.

It is ultimately revealed that Rin is actually the son of Satan, and that the blue flames or proof of his offspring. DUN DUN DUUNNNN!!!


Initial Thoughts

A-1 Pictures. Well done. I hated your other show last season, Fractale. I love your other show this season, AnoHana. But it would seem you have decided to make Ao no Exorcist, an adaption, the bigger budgeted show. I guess there’d be risks involved. Either way, the production values on Ao no Exorcist seem to be pretty good. The character designs are really nice and the animation is solid. As far as plot goes, I can see this show going on for quite a bit of time (my misjudgement at thinking this would be a one-cour show) since from reading a bit of background on the manga (without spoiling myself), this show will have a lot of things going on. Apparently it will have 25 episodes.

「Take off」
by 2PM

I don’t like the ending. End of. Never really liked 2PM to begin with.


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  1. First episode amazing! So far so good with this series can’t wait to see more! And damn Accelerator voice = PRO

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