Yumekui Merry 13 – Dream Again [END]

Dream Again

「夢ふたたび」 (Yume Futatabi)
“Dream Again”

What is thi–I don’t even…I just…UUUGGGHHHH. Alright, so Yumekui Merry has now ended and my, did it leave off in such a bad way. Which reminds me, I need to update my AnimePlanet.com account. So, for the first time I had hooked up my laptop to  my huge 50 inch widescreen T.V in the livinig room and I decided to watch the finale of this show. It looked great on the TV, btw. But the actual episode was all sorts of predictable and half-assed nonsense.

Yep, Myst is still wreakin' havoc.

What Was Wrong With The Finale

There were a number of things that were simply wrong with this finale and here’s a few of them.

Pointless Cliffhanger Was Pointless

Remember the cliffhanger from last episode? You know, when Yumeji takes Engi’s sword in hand and approaches Myst? Yeah, that was a pretty pointless cliffhanger as Yumeji immediately gets owned 30 seconds into the episode. I mean, it’s not like he could have won, anyway.

Leon’s Death Was In Vain

I’ve never seen a guy buy it quite like this. I honestly don’t even know why he’s on the title card.  With, Yumeji down. Merry done, and Engi mortally wounded, Leon must take a stand. He knows he can’t win against without the gun, but he gives the gun to Chizuru instead. If she fires the gun, she’ll lose not only her dreams but her entire soul. So basically, whether or not Leon or Chizuru fires the gun, they’re both screwed. Oh boy. So anyway, Leon buys some time for Chizuru. Leon dies, leaving Chizuru the chance to FIRE HER LASER. Myst doesn’t see it coming and she is hit. But of course, with Myst being the overpowered bitch that she is, she tanks and hacks the attack like nothing. WELL, WHO SAW THAT ONE COMING?

The Power of Will Is The Ultimate Strength?

Yumeji steps up and headbutts Ijima-sensei in the face. That part was at least epic and is expected of our alpha male, but the fact that he summons Chaser’s guilotine-saw tells me that they couldn’t be fucked at all to have Chaser actually come there in person (picture from Random Curiosity). Still, I have to say that it was interesting to see Yumeji, a mere human, actually hold his own against Myst for a while, even taunting her by saying that Engi’s previous cut to the chest hurt a lot more than Myst’s attacks. Still, it’s that whole power of belief cliché that came out from absolutely nowhere that bothers me.

She looks ready to go. Like, she has no regrets. She's ready to pull that trigger to the head.

Final Thoughts

My my my. Yumekui Merry. Where did you go wrong? Probably when the filler characters started to interfere with the story. I think this show has dreams and ambitions totally mixed up. Honestly. A couple of things were left unresolved with the show, too. Mainly, the link between Merry and Yumeji and why he said that she seemed familiar back in episode one. If this is going to be a one season thing, they may as well have sent Merry back to the dream world. Because THAT’S WHAT THIS SHOW WAS ALL ABOUT AT FIRST, WASN’T IT? It went from “going back to dream world” to “we gotta save Isana and everybody from Mystletainn!”. Heck, Elcres didn’t even make an official appearance, so if anything, there’ll probably be a second season to Yumekui Merry. Don’t know if I’d watch that though. I’m better of reading the manga. Yumekui Merry lost a lot of its steam throughout the weeks, and after contradicting its own story for the sake of an original ending, I gotta say this show was a real mess.  J.C. Staff, man, what have you done? I’m giving this show a solid 5.5/10


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  1. This series had some great moments at the start, I was sad to see this fall into lame episode mode with the final five episodes. I really wanted this to be something great! Anyway lets hope season two gives us something better.

    Until then! Yumekui Merry manga here I go!

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