[YATP] Kizuna Ichigeki

One-Hit Bond

Kizuna Ichigeki was weird, but it was also pretty awesome too. But more weird than it was awesome. This is the second released standalone OVA from Ascension who are actually a brand new animation company, so this would more or less be their debut work.


What Is Kizuna Ichigeki?

Kizuna Ichigeki means One Hit Bond. It’s basially a martial-arts cartoon. While the character designs and art style may seem whack, I was able to get used to it pretty quickly, to my own surprise. It starts off with a martial arts tournament final with 10 year consecutive champion, Everest Choyama going up against 12 year old Kizuna Todoroki. Kizuna is also a girl, just so that’s out there. Kizuna is tiny in comparison to everyone else, but uses her size to defeat her enemies efficiently, especially during her fights with Ryoma Bakamoto and Lady Giant Gaga where she uses her opponents strength to jump amazing heights and the KO them with a counter-attack.


Kizuna’s Bond With Family

One thing this animation does well with is showing themes of family. The name/word “Kizuna” means “bond”, which I feel ties in with the relationship Kizuna has with her family, which is portrayed when her family is insulted by Ryoma, provoking her to fight. She lives with her grandfather Kintaro Todoroki, her father Goal Todoroki and Jingoro the family cat. THAT FUCKING CAT. A young woman named Hanaka Masaka also hangs out with the family, as she’s a journalist wanting to have a private interview with young Kizuna.

Oh snap.

Final Thoughts

I honestly could watch Kizuna Ichigeki as a full on TV series, even though most of the actual writing seemed a bit flimsy. The fight scenes were well animated and choreographed, and the sound effects and music made it feel like an acutal standard martial arts movie.


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