[YATP] Ojisan no Lamp

Ojisan no Lamp

I don’t know much about the background behind this whole Young Animator Training Project thing, but what I’ve gathered is that the Young Animator Training Program is an initiative to produce four separate OVAs with the purpose of training young new animators. Four production companies were selected to recieve a budget fund of 37million Yen. This is Telecome Animtion Film’s result which is called is “Ojisan no Lamp”, which I think means “Grandpa’s Lamp” or something. I could be wrong, I’m not that great at Japanese. That said, I watched the first of the 4 and I quite enjoyed it.

Let me tell you a story.


The story follows a young orphan called Minosuke who worked really hard to make a living for himself. He soon discovers objects foreign to him known as lamps, and decides to spread the word about the lamps back at his hometown, and eventually begins to sell them.


"What're you gay!? Don't perv on me whilst I'm bathing!"


As time goes on, the story shifts on to Minosuke being an adult still selling lamps, falling in love with his childhood friend and starting a family together. Unfortunately, time moves forward as does the technological advancements and soon, lamps become a thing of the past and switch to electricity, and it doesn’t bode too well with Minosuke.


Brief fantasy moments.

I was surprised to see some fantasy-like moments when Minosuke was trodding through the forest at night with the lit lamp, and I started seeing all these weird creatures just parading or marching towards somewhere. It almost seemed like something out of Spirited Away.



He can't read.

When it comes down to eat, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed at how well the animation was done. Things looked really fluid and it was really good work for new animators. As for Ojisan no Lamp itself, it wasn’t much, but for what it was worth, I enjoyed it very much.



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