Yumekui Merry 12 – Nightmare


「夢縁」 (Muen)

I was told by my best friend that Yumekui Merry couldn’t possibly end by next episode and that there’s no way they could wrap everything up by then. He also thinks that the show might get another season as such. Well, if by some chance it does, I won’t be watching it. More after the break.

Mighty bitch.

Mystletainn’s Origin

This episode felt pretty much like that last. So, we’re given a bit of backstory to Lestion and how who Mystletainn is and how she came into being. As Leon says, she was spawned from the depths of hell. Humans accumulate negative emotions during the day and then at night, they’re disposed of in their dreams, the Dream World. And this is where Mystletainn is born. Still, Mystletainn seems to be a filler character (she is one) that seems to have no purpose other than being the show’s villain. She kills because she can. Simple. No need to question the writers’ intentions with the character. I honestly thought that Elcres was gonna be the main villain of the show since he seemed to be a pretty big deal a couple of episodes ago, but judging from the preview, he’s probably going to be left out. Chalk up another one for J.C. Staff.

His name is Lestion. But Leon is fine too.

Lestion’s Ultimatum

So how do we defeat Mystletainn? She keeps tanking and hacking our attacks! Lestion and Chizuru hold the answer. Remember that gun that I brought up in Episode 11? We find out just what that gun is supposed to be for. To defeat Mystletainn. The reason why they haven’t defeated Mystletainn before is because the gun needs ammo, and to create ammo, the gun needs to collect the pain and agony of Dream Demons. In other words, Chizuru and Leon need to stand there and do nothing as they watch Dream Demons die. Ironic, huh? To add to the problem, when the gun is fired, Leon will lose his life, therefore ending Chizuru’s dreams. This is why he chose her, a person who abandoned her emotions, to be his vessel. It’s rather sad, especially since Chizuru has made friends with Isana and all that stuff and has started to open up.

Shit's about to down.


Okay, so Engi either got killed or brutally injured and at this point I expected Merry to bring out the keys of oblivion or whatever, but instead Yumeji mans up, taking Engi’s sword and approaching Mystletainn. I have no clue what the heck could happen next episode, since the preview was mostly made up of scenes from past episodes.

[01:45:16] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky (Jeremiah): You said Yumekui Merry will probably need a second season?
[01:46:18] 4Saken Virtuoso: Yep.
[01:46:30] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky (Jeremiah): Why?
[01:48:55] 4Saken Virtuoso: Even if they beat Mistel-whatever, there’s still Pharos Hercules to beat.
[01:50:02] 4Saken Virtuoso: Plus, what of Chaser?

Yeah, I’m aware he said “Hercules”. I laughed at that myself. Either way, I doesn’t seem they’ll be shown next episode. Or maybe they will. Maybe Yumeji will prevail because of Chaser’s power? Who knows?




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