Yumekui Merry 11 – Guardian of Dreams

Guardian of Dreams

「夢の守り人」 (Yume no Mamoribito)
“Guardian of Dreams”

Wow, haven’t posted anything for a while. Two main reasons are because of the earthquake and Tsunami that happened in Japan which obviously affected TV schedules, second reason was that I was in the university interview period, which is over now, so I thought now would be the time to start posting again. IN ANY CASE, WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE? The prelude episode tothe prelude episode to the end of the show. It had what it needed, progress, character interaction, a fight scene with the main baddie. So why did I feel rather unsatisfied by the end?

He just ripped off her clothes. That was rather amusing. Well, it is his "dream".

Ijima-sensei and Mystletainn

So we found out a couple of episodes ago, that Ijima-sensei is the vessel of Mystletainn. I don’t know if it’s because he’s her vessel, but Ijima-sensei’s intentions are the same as Mystletainn’s, which would probably be why they work together. Also, it seems their relationship is far from the standard Vessel/Dream Demon type. I was actually surprised to see a bit of censoring in this scene. But what is there to censor if Ijima-sensei is underwater, you ask? Well, being drowned or submerged underwater by a woman is actually a type of sexual fetish for some people, believe it or not. But I doubt that’s the case here, so my it’s to cover the fact that he’s…uh…fuck it, I don’t know.


Isana’s Dream Demon, Parade

So we meet Isana’s Dream Demon who goes by the name of Parade, who’s appearance and shy personality reminds me a lot of Vivi from Final Fantasy IX. It’s a shame Parade doesn’t at least have any sort of Fire Magic to help fend off Mystletainn or something. He claims that he went to have a peek at reality and then go back, but then when he came to he was with Isana. Huh.

Another classy entrance.

Chizuru & Leon’s Allegiance and Chaser

It was made clear in this episode by Leon that he and Chizuru are a neutral party. While they do share a common enemy with Yumeji and the others, they aren’t allies either. I’m also wondering about that gun that Chizuru is seen carrying sometimes. Perhaps we’ll see it used next episode? Also, you know what else is missing? GEORGE NAKATA. IN OTHER WORDS, CHASER JOHN DOE. It’s funny, he was was made out to be a pretty big deal in the first episode, but now judging from the preview, it seems he won’t even be around to see the end of the show.

Pretty visuals are pretty.

Mystletainn’s Harvest

Ijima-sensei sets up Isana to paint in the art house on campus, with the exterior and interior looking painted themselves. As she’s brought into the Mystletainn’s daydream, Mystletainn plays a game of cat and mouse with Parade. Poor thing… Yumeji and Merry come to Isana’s aid, but Merry falls pretty quickly which was kinda disappointing and Yumeji’s half-injured leg is injured once more by Ijima-sensei. Well, they failed pretty hard. Now, as Chizuru and Leon step into the scene, Ijima enlightens the fact that Chizuru has never lifted a single finger to save anyone who’s had their dreams stripped from them which brings us to wonder whether or not she’ll do the same with Isana. After all, they’re only on a mission for revenge. But as expected, those visits and Isana’s interest in Chizuru weren’t for nothing as she swears to protect Isana. Mystletainn’s response? “Well, okay. I guess I’ll just leave for now. But next time, I’ll kill all of you.” Being the third to last episode of the show, it has to end with a great cliffhanger, but that was shit.

Next Episode: "Nightmare"


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