Puella Magi Madoka Magica 10 – I Can’t Depend On Anyone Anymore

I Can't Depend On Anyone Anymore.

「もう誰にも頼らない」 (Mou Darenimo Tayoranai)
“I can’t depend on anyone anymore”

Oh my god, this episode was pretty insightful. We actually get to see Madoka as a Puella Magi. Something EVERYONE has been waiting to see. But it isn’t in the way people expected it would be. People may think of this episode as a flashback episode, but I like to think of it as a prologue to the show. A couple of theories were proven to be correct as well. One is the Time Travelling Theory. Kyubey had already figured out that Homura wasn’t from this timeline, but that’s all we gathered. This episode tells us that she is indeed a time traveller. The other is the Global Reset Theory. The world keeps being reset back to the day Homura first met Madoka, at her will.

Most of this post is a summary of the different timelines Homura goes through. To see a more simpler chart of the timelines, instead of reading through the whole thing, then CLICK HERE.

If only this was the current timeline.

Timeline #1: The Original Events

The episode starts off with the original timeline, when Homura was pretty much the same as how Madoka is now. Shy, timid, weak, and poor at sports. She had just gotten out of hospital for reasons unknown (or I might have missed) because of a heart disease and she attends her first day of school. She meets meets Madoka  at school too. Here we notice that Madoka’s personality is a lot stronger than what it is now. Homura soon waltzes into a witch’s realm and is attacked. BUT WHO COMES TO SAVE THE DAY? MAMI AND MADOKA!! It was really shocking to see that Madoka was once, in fact, a Puella Magi. In any case, Madoka was still a beginner by that point, though they’re hoping she becomes pro by the time they fight Walpurgisnacht. Note that none of them know of the important detail that they inevitably turn into witches. The scene skips to the fight with Walpurgisnacht and as I thought, it’s the same witch from Madoka’s dream in Episode 1. Mami is already dead at this point (well, fuck!), and Madoka and Homura (the latter not being a Puella Magi) being the only ones left, Madoka goes on to fight it despite Homura’s pleas against it. Presumeably, Walpurgisnacht was defeated since Homura was still around. But Madoka was killed in any event. Of course, Kyubey takes his opportunity to make a Puella Magi out of Homura. Homura accepts wishing to “redo my meeting with Kaname”. She wants to protect Madoka, instead of the other way round. And with that the contract is made, and she goes back to the day she met Madoka. I have to note that her powers of stopping time is indeed her powers as a Puella Magi, in accordance to her wish being time related.


Timeline #2: Homura, The New Puella Magi

Awoken in her hospital bed, with Soul Gem in hand, Homura quickly introduces herself as a Puella Magi to Madoka, which I thought was a little embarrassing. I half expected Madoka to have no clue what she was on about, but it turns out Madoka is already a Puella Magi as we see Homura training with Mami and Madoka. That scene was rather cute, to be honest and was one of the more light-hearted scenes in this episode, along with the fight against that one witch in the skies where Homura threw one of her home-made bombs up the witch’s skirt which was just full of win. Come Walpurgisnacht time, Madoka defeats it and survives this time. But her Soul Gem gave out too much and she succumbs to becoming a witch. The world is reset once again.

Reminds me a bit of the OP.

Timeline #3: We’ll Go…Together…

Homura wakes up in her hospital bed once again, realizing that Kyubey has tricked them all. In this timeline, Sayaka and Kyoko are seen as Puella Magi. Sayaka believes that Homura is bullshitting about Kyubey being a liar, thinking that she wants them to turn against each other. We also get to see where Homura gets her weapons from. She steals them from the bloody Yakuza. Handguns, shotguns, etc, and she stores them within her buckler. They go on to fight Sayaka who has turned into a witch. Thanks to Homura’s awesome time-manipulating abilities, she defeats Oktavia (that name of Witch Sayaka) with her home made bombs. What happened next was rather shocking to me as Mami completely snapped, going as far as shooting Kyoko’s Soul Gem rendering her instantly KO’d and trapping Homura. This is what happened when Mami found out about the truth behind the whole Puella Magi thing, which is probably why she didn’t know in the current timeline, otherwise she would have just killed everyone again. However, Madoka kills Mami to save Homura. After that, they agree to defeat Walpurgisnacht together. Whilst they do end up succeeding in that, they both end up being on the verge of becoming witches together. But not before Madoka purifies Homura’s Soul Gem with a Grief Seed she was hiding. At first glance, I thought she was healing her own. I was like “MADOKA, YOU TROLL!” But yeah, Madoka requests that Homura goes back in time and prevent her from becoming a Puella Magi and kill her before she becomes a witch there and then. Another global reset ensues.


Timeline #4 – Madoka’s Dream Sequence

Homura changes completely this time around, healing her eyes so that she doesn’t need her glasses any more, lets her hair down and basically becomes cold, just as she is now. She drops by Madoka’s house at night warns her that she should listen to Kyubey. What’s interesting is that Madoka almost recognized her at this point (even though she’s not supposed to). When it’s time for the fight against Walpurgisnacht, we get a more in-depth version of the dream sequence shown at the beginning of Episode 1. As Kyubey tries to make a contract with Madoka, Homura screams at the top of her lungs not to listen to him. But in the end, she contracts with him and defeats Walpurgisnacht in one shot upon transforming. Now that she’s an insanely powerful Puella Magi, she’ll eventually turn out to be the most insanely powerful witch, that could destroy the entire world in one instant. BUT THAT DOESN’T CONCERN KYUBEY AT ALL.

Awesome Homerun-chan looks awesome.




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