Yumekui Merry 09 – Dreams Disturbed

Dreams Disturbed

「夢乱れて」 (Yume Midarete)
“Disturbed Dreams”

I honestly don’t know where this story is going, or what to think of this show right now. What also comes to mind is the irrelavance of the plot synopsis. I’ve seriously had one girl say to me that me that she isn’t going to watch the show because all the show is about is dreams with cats in them, and thought that it was a pretty retarded concept. The show isn’t like that at all. With wacky pacing, a LOT of foreshadowing going on and Chizuru’s ACTUAL involvement being this late in the show (even though she didn’t say a word this episode, AGAIN), I’m becoming pretty disappointed in this show. But in any case, it seems that we’re moving on towards an original anime ending.

Merry doesn't know who's she's talking to. And y'all don't know who you're listening to.

Q: Who voices Yui when Engi is in control?

Before I begin, I’ll clear up a question that I found when I was looking at this blog’s search entries/results. People are wonder why voices Yui (Akiya Tomoko) when Engi (Endo Aya) controlling her. Well, it is in fact Akiya Tomoko who voices Yui during this time, which I think is pretty cool.


Ijima is Mystletainn

It’s been hinted at over the past few episodes and made pretty obvious too. Ijima-sensei, our rice-loving career council is Mystletainn. Well…he isn’t Mystletainn physically, but he is the vessel of Mystletainn. For those of you watching GGSubs (even though they’re the only group subbing this show), Mystletainn is “Treesea”. The whole Career Counselling thing is just an opportunity to find out people’s dreams and ambitions, and crush ’em like a bug.


Dream Hostages

Continuing on from the last episode, the fight with Landsborough is cut short. And I mean REALLY short. But with that said, Landsborough does mention a few things that put Merry and Engi in a bit of a rough spot. Basically, if a dream demon is destroyed or killed, then their vessel/half-vessel’s dreams go with them. I can’t help, but feel that this is a plot device that was pulled out their ass. If I could take you back to Episode 3 of this show? Merry face-palmed Ichima into oblivion. What was Minato like after that? FINE. SHE WENT TO GO PLAY WITH HER FRIENDS. Then, Episode 4. Mei Hoshino had contracted the Dream Demon, Charles. Merry punched him out of existance, too. How’s Hoshino doing? PERFECTLY FINE. So why are humans’ dreams under hostage all of a sudden? I can’t seem to…ugh. Now with this supposedly new ultimatum set in place, Isana set to have a nightmare, and Mystletainn targetting Isana next…I wonder what the next episode will have in store for us.

Next Episode: Not Waking Up From A Dream


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