Star Driver 21 – Libido Coming of Age


Libido Coming of Age

「リビドーなお年頃」 (Ribidoo na Otoshigoro)
“Libido Coming of Age”

My, oh my did a lot happen these past few episodes. This episode served as a sort of test run for the new Overphase system that the Science Guild has been working on. Also, while Needle Star may have turned on Camel Star last episode, it doesn’t exactly mean, she’s switched sides. She was just concerned about Madoka having no access to her broken Cybody as Camel Star is trying to take out Wako, the South Maiden. As you saw, Needle Star challenged Takuto to another fight, only to be TAU MISAIRU’D again. There’s a few things I should talk about.

Wait, what?

Mizuno, A Lost Memory?

This struck me as odd the second I saw this scene. See, the relevant picture above. This scene is where Takuto and Wako are enjoying lunch and Needle Star (I can’t remember her actual name right now and it’s 1AM) intrudes in on their conversation. They talk about the upcoming drama performance from the Drama Club. You know, the one where Takuto’s supposed to have a kissing partner? Needle Star asks who the girl was supposed to be and Wako said that they haven’t decided yet. Unless I’ve missed something, wasn’t Mizuno chosen to do the kissing scene with Takuto? Not only that, but since Mizuno and Marino left the island, no one’s breathed a word about them. It’d sorta make sense with Marino since she’s the product of Mizuno’s first phase, but…it’s almost as if everyone’s had their memories of Mizuno’s exsistance erased… I might be missing something, though, so if I’m wrong, do let me know.

The Overphase System

I’m not gonna talk about Shingo, or Sora, or the fact that Takashi is still scared of the regeneration risks and wants to go back to Simone, or the fact that we got to see Sakana-chan for the first time in ages, OR the fact that Window Star or Needle Star don’t care about dying. It’s 2AM now and I still managed to weave in 5 screenshots about 5 topics. We’re gonna move onto to this Overphase that’s just been completed, all thanks to donations from Adult Bank. It regenerates a Cybody at an advanced state than Phase 3, but it’s not quite Phase 4. Since they’re artificially raising their phase, you can think of it as a Phase 3.5 stage. The risk is much higher than that of regenerating a Cybody normally. HIGH RISKS YOU SAY? I THINK WINDOW STAR WANTS TO HAVE A GO. The end result is that the trio is pulled into Zero Time in their school uniforms (which would be a first, I think) and Window Star has quite literally become one with Hegent. I’m sorry, but if I was Takuto in this situation, I’d be crapping myself. Also, since Window Star is in that state, Takuto can’t TAU MISAIRU her. He would have to kill her in that state. Naturally, since Sugata’s weak level one hack-fu (I’m referring to his first phase) doesn’t work on 3rd phase Cybodies, we’d think that Takuto is on his own. But NO. Wako gets pissed and apprivoises some sort of hack-fu Maiden pillar of her own. The effect this has is that Hegent is reverted back to its original state, giving Takuto a chance to TAU MISAIRU her. Nice to see Wako have some sort of involvment, instead of watching from the sidelines. Perhaps, the Maiden’s seal doesn’t allow for phase hacking? NO.


Kanako, I love the way how you're so cool, even though you've been absent these past few weeks.


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