Yumekui Merry 08 – Dream Corridors


Dream Corridor

「夢回廊」 (Yume Kairō)
“Dream Corridor”

This episode was BOOORRINGG. Heck, even the beach episode before this was boring. It brought nothing new to the table. And the lack of Treesea this week makes me sad. Even at the end, where it seemed we were gonna get treated to nice co-op fight between Merry and Engi against that clown thingy. I haven’t been following the manga recently because Chizuru has interferred with the canon story a bit too much, though I’ll still read the manga at a later time for the sake of it. But I may as well go over a few things in the episode.

This is an image from the preview of next episode. Ijima-sensei really does look like there's more to him than meets the eye.

Career Counselling

I shouldn’t really be talking about this, but for some reason it seemed relevant to the recent topic of Dream Loss. In this episode, Ijima-sensei was doing a bit of Career Counselling where students would come in and talk about their amibitions, dreams and career prospects. I don’t know, but the dimly lit room, the eerie music, and the shots at Ijima-sensei’s face made the whole thing seem a little creepy, or suspicious. Almost as if he’s responsible for the cases of Dream Loss, but that’s a ridiculous thought. Still, there’s Chizuru, who appeared in this episode for like…10 seconds and never said a word to anyone. That’s getting rather annoying. We’ve got four episodes left, she needs to start getting involved in the story if she’s gonna be there.



Engi’s Past: Patty’s Last Moments

We get a glimpse at Engi’s past, particularly the last moments of Patty who was supposed to have been killed in Reality, but what I saw here was that Elcres captured her and she kinda…disappeared. *shrug* It seems that Dreams can dream too. I kinda like the endearing Human/Dream Demon relationship between Yui and Engi. Though, Engi can’t physically exist in Reality unless she’s got control of Yui, so I don’t see how Yui could hug Engi like that…even if she seemed semi-existant or whatever.


Primed to kick some as---Oh wait.

The Next Opponent?

Right, so Merry is in some donut shop snacking on…well…DEM DONUTS. Then some guy opens his eye and triggers a Daydream which Yumeji, Merry, Engi and Yui are caught in. Yumeji decides to charge in headfirst to attack. If you didn’t realize from last episode, Yumeji sprained his ankle when he went to chase after Merry. What was interesting was that the injury passed into the Daydream from Reality. However, it doesn’t work the other way around. Remember Episode 6? His wound that he recieved from Engi never transferred to Reality, but it stayed intact in the Dream worlds.  So anyway, we’ve got this maniacal clown that’s gonna destory them all, BUT THERE WILL BE NO FIGHT UNTIL NEXT EPISODE. SORRY GUYS. I almost should’ve expected this…they are fighting a clown after all…




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