OreImo! 12 – TRUE ROUTE


True Route

To be honest, I skipped all the way to last quarter of the show, since everything before that seemed to be the same. The difference doesn’t actually kick in until 20 minutes in.


I figured the True Ending would play out something like this. It would have to be different from the Normal Ending, so I had already figured that Kirino would indeed go to America but I didn’t expect it to go down the way it did. After the 20 minute mark, Kirino’s bitchy tsundere mode was permanently switched off. When Kirino gives the option about looking into her photo album, Kyousuke refuses this time, and instead Kirino opts to looks at a bunch of track records and her medals that she recieved over time. It was really nice watching those two actually connect as brother and sister, ending the whole life counselling thing.


And then she left.

Then Kirino leaves, without telling Kyousuke. He has to hear it the hard way, straight from the parents. But he’s cool with and instead wishes her good luck. As time passes by, it doesn’t seem Kyousuke and Megane-chan (I seriously forgot her name) are dating yet. However, Kuroneko is now a high-schooler!! THE END.




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