Puella Magi Madoka Magica 08 – I’m Such A Fool

PROBLEM? trollface.jpg

「あたしって、ほんとバカ」 (Atashitte, Honto Baka)
“I’ve been such a fool”

Yeah, it’s THAT episode. The one everyone’s been talking about. I know grown men who cried at this episode. Like, seriously. As someone who shed tears at episodes 10 and 11 of Soul Eater, I can say that I am not one of those people. Though I can’t deny that this episode was one big shock. Also, a bit of SPECULAH have was confirmed in this episode, but we’ll get onto that in a bit. There’s one thing I should mention before I start the post. MyssaRei had tweeted a link to a flash game where you can beat the crap out of Kyubey. My highest score is 143 HITS so far. The link to the game is HERE.

She's already gone.

The Downfall of Sayaka Miki

I didn’t blog last week’s episode due to my busy schedule, but I did watch it, and we know, Sayaka isn’t in the best of places.  She found out that her body is nothing more than a vessel as Sayaka’s soul is in the Soul Gem. The girl is in angst and is a complete mess, stubborn to be a different Puella Magi that the rest of ’em. With Akemi and Kyoko discussing about Walpurgis and Sayaka’s fate, Kyubey comes in and kinda gathers a guess about who Akemi is and what her nature might be. What was interesting in the scene was how Kyoko is the only person I’ve seen who can use her Soul Gem other than transforming, as she’s able to summon a spear out of her Soul Gem. Last episode, Hitomi had laid down the hard truth to Sayaka that she too, is in love with Kamijou. Since Sayaka is taking her sweet time getting her feelings across, Hitomi gave her one day to confess, otherwise she will confess for herself instead. This really brings her over the edge. And to make things worse, is Akemi Homura, who appears to be helping Sayaka out of her state, but is really only interested in Madoka. I imagine this is because the more Madoka suffers, the more she’ll be in favour of becoming a Puella Magi which Akemi doesn’t want. She even goes as far as to threatening Sayaka’s life if she doesn’t quit her emo antics. However, Kyouko saves her, Sayaka runs, and Akemi escapes by using a cool little flash grenade trick. Nothing could have prepared me for the sorrowful transformation of Puella Magi to Witch as Sayaka finally succumbs after her Soul Gem becomes completely tainted and turns into a Grief Seed.


Kyubey, The Incubator

I mean, we’ve been saying it from day one, but Kyubey more or less confirms his evil intentions. But nothing could have prepared me for THIS. Just as Madoka is gonna become a Puella Magi, Akemi halts time and shoots Kyubey multiple times. I had to do a double take at moment. I wanted to believe that the little bugger was dead, but I knew that it couldn’t have been that easy, and I was soon proven to be right. He claims to have many bodies, so killing him is just a waste of energy. HE ALSO EATS HIS OWN CORPSE, THE FUCK!?!?!? Kyubey’s name is short for Incubator. I guess he’s incubating witches by contracting Puella Magi and have them go the brink of despair and taint their Soul Gems into Grief Seeds and creating Witches. We also have to note that when a Witch is defeated, they drop a Grief Seed. Remember in Episode 6 where Kyubey ate that Grief Seed that Sayaka got? HMMMMM.


I seriously love the art direction in this show.


DENY THE OBVIOUS. UPHOLD THE INANE. Ahem, so this episode had quite a few revelations and even confirmed a few theories and speculations.

Kyubey Is Evil

Well this one is rather obvious. As I said, we’ve been saying this since day one. Whilst was Kyubey was “temporarily dead”, there was a bit of static as if Madoka had known Homura before, and you might have noticed a second static when Homura tried to tell Madoka how she knows her.

Kyubey might have used telepathy to brainwash Madoka so that she won’t learn any secrets from Homura. This is consistent with Homura’s earlier statement that nobody ever believes her when she reveals things like the true nature of soul gems.

That seems like a plausible theory to me.

Witches are Fallen Puella Magi

Confirmed in this week’s episode. Though I’m not too sure about that “fallen” bit. Mami is pretty much a fallen Puella Magi, but there’s no word of her being turned into a Witch. We saw Sayaka transform into a witch because she kept fighting witches without ever cleansing her Soul Gem.

Time Travel Theory

This theory started to become more plausible from Episode 6 to me when Akemi made mention of Walpurgis Night. That said, it’s confirmed in this episode that Akemi Homura is not from this timeline, and she and Madoka had once known each other.



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