Puella Magi Madoka Magica 06 – This Just Isn’t Right


This Just Isn't Right

「こんなの絶対おかしいよ」 (Konna no Zettai Okashii yo)
“This just isn’t right”

So we’re at that stage where we’re halfway through the one-cour shows. Thought Mami’s death was serious business? Pfft, that’s old news. This is where everything is at. Even though this episode was quite intense, I’m trying to keep posts concise so I’m only going to touch up on a few points made in this episode.

Sayaka is just recharging her Soul Gem.

More on Kyubey and Puella Magis

So, like, Kyubey is one sly racoon (or whatever he is), trying to use words to get Madoka to be a Puella Magi. He tried to say that if Sayaka is feeling lonely about doing her work as a Puella Magi then she could always ask Madoka to become one and help her out. Also, we see what’s done with Grief Seeds. KYUBEY EATS THEM. I don’t know what he eats them for. He claims they’re “safe” there, but I dunno… You never know with this guy. Also we get to figure out what a Puella Magi actually is. After Madoka tosses Sayaka’s Soul Gem across the rail to stop Sayaka from fight Kyoko again, SAYAKA DIES. Kyubey explains that isn’t Sayaka, and that Madoka had in fact thrown Sayaka across the rail. The dead Sayaka is nothing more than a puppet, or a host. Sayaka’s mind and soul resides within her Soul Gem and when it’s more than 100m away from its host, it dies. It was interesting to see that even Kyoko got worked up about learning this new fact. Given the fact that Kyoko is a very experienced Puella Magi, I thought she knew. Homura seemed to know, which is why she quickly went to retrieve Sayaka’s Soul Gem without a moment’s notice.


Playing DDR to a house mix version of the show's OP~

Walpurgis Night?

I don’t know who’s side to be on, or who to believe at this point. It would seem that Akemi is in cahoots with Kyoko. Akemi deems Kyoko more fitting to handle this town rather than Sayaka. Kyoko still wants to take her out, though, but Akemi tells her that she shouldn’t do anything. BUT DOES SHE LISTEN? NO, OF COURSE NOT. In any case, Akemi makes mention of Walpurgis Night which will come to town in 2 weeks, and once she defeats it, she’ll leave. A couple of questions are raised here. First, what is Walpurgis Night? In real-life, it’s supposed to be some Swedish night event or something, but what is it in this show? Could it be a mighty powerful witch? Second, how does she know it’s coming in exactly two weeks from now? This could be further material to strengthen the time-travelling theory.


Best preview card yet.






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