Yumekui Merry 06 – Dream Encounter

Dream Encounter

「夢邂逅(かいこう)」 (Yume Kaikō)
“Dream Encounter”

I’m not up to this point in the manga, so I can’t really do any comparing. But in any case, what I did see in the episodes was rather interesting and the episode basically tells us a few things such as who Phaoros is, about Dream Loss, and stuff. Also you might be interested to know that Sentai Filmworks has licensed the show.

Merry just got a hundred times more cool.

Merry Goes Apeshit

You HAVE to love Yumeji to be able to take a fatal cut to the body and still be all boss about it saying that this is #2 on his list of things a man should do. GWAN MAH BOI. For some strange reason, Engi REALLY didn’t wanna involve a human in all of this, but hey, Merry doesn’t care. Merry goes apeshit as a purple ring goes down her body. She then gains these keys which she uses to destroy Engi’s dream world, starting with her swords, and then the frickin’ moon. Engi retreats. I’m wondering what kind of power that was.


See, he's fine!

Yumeji is A-OK!

No, really! Yumeji is okay! They wake up from Engi’s dream world and Yumeji doesn’t even have a scratch on him, which is weird.


Or not...

Yumeji is NOT A-OK!

As soon as our alpha male gets home, he starts to feel the pain and falls unconcious in front of our worried Merry Nightmare.


Dream Loss? That's new.

Dream Loss?

Somewhere in this episode, Saki brings up the topic of Dream Loss. Lately a lot of people have given up on YUME TO KIBOU…err dreams and hopes. One notable example is Yumi from episode 2 who had dreams of going to nursing school, but then all of a sudden she seems really apathetic. What I noticed was that throughout this scene, the camera would periodically glimpse at Chizuru, who was present during that scene as if she had something to do with it. Could she be something like a Dream Killer? I mean, it doesn’t sound much different from Dream Eater, but oh well.


That smile on his face made me laugh so hard even though I'm meant to be scared shitless.

Pharaos Heracles?

Right, so having fallen unconscious, it’s no surprise that our alpha male gets plunged into his own dream world, where Chaser awaits him. Remember how he was fine back in reality? Well, his huge wound from before is still there. It only exists in the dream world and therefore takes up a lot of Yumeji’s mental strength to maintain his consciousness out in reality. Because of his state, Chaser notes that it would be a fine time to make Yumeji a vessel. But instead, they’re gonna have a little chat, but not before Chaser summons his neko-bitches to help…“heal his wounds”. The neko girls actually surprised me a bit, given how serious the damn situation was. Anyway, it’s plot progression time with Chaser John Doe! The reason why Yumeji has been able to enter dream worlds is because Chaser is still present in his dreams, which explains why he knows of everything that’s happened up until now. So Chaser, who the heck is this Pharaos Heracles, person. Well, as it turns out, he’s a very powerful Dream Demon who can entice other Dream Demons into going into Reality. Also, it would seem that Heracles may know something about Merry. Probably as to who she is, how she exists in Reality without a vessel, and that awesome, trembling power she displayed at the beginning of this episode.


Next Week: Dreams, Swimsuits and the Colour of the Sea








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