Puella Magi Madoka Magica 05 – Absolutely No Regrets

Absolutely No Regrets

「後悔なんて、あるわけない」 (Koukai Nante, Aru Wake Nai)
“Absolutely No Regrets”

LATE POSTS ARE LATE. The Last Story came in today so I was like…playing that ALL DAY yesterday, otherwise this post would’ve been up the same time as the Yumekui Merry post. So I figured, this episode was all about Sayaka, whether or not she regretted her choice in becoming a Puella Magi and how she’s fare against Shana–ERR, I mean Kyoko.


The Contract

So right of the bat we get to see the actually process of making a contract with Kyubey and becoming a Puella Magi, which isn’t really much. Kyubey extends his ears and molests touches Sayaka and then she falls to the floor and receives her Soul Gem.

How many of those things does this place need?

Sayaka Has No Regrets

So, Sayaka doesn’t have any regrets about becoming a Puella Magi, healing her best friend and giving him the chance to live out his dream, at those cost of risking her life everyday. If there’s one she regrets, it’s the fact that she didn’t make her decision sooner. Like…”before Mami died” sooner. She wouldn’t have died if Sayaka had been fighting alongside her. WELP. TOO LATE. That said, my favourite scene was when there was that little gathering on the roof for Kyousuke with some of the doctors, nurses and his family. Kyousuke told his father to throw away his violin, but of course he couldn’t do that. And what do you know? The kid is healed! So why not play a song for us?

It was inevitable.

Experienced Magi vs Inexperienced Magi

This was the part everyone was more or less waiting for. A Magi vs Magi fight. We get to see that Kyoko’s Soul Gem can transform into some sort of telescope. Speaking of, the scene where she was using it, I don’t get how Kyubey contracts these Puella Magi but can’t do anything to stop them from doing what they wanna do…like say….KILL A PUELLA MAGI YOU JUST CONTRACTED WITH. Also another note. Is it me, or is it every Puella Magi is skilled in the art of Unlimited Blade Works? That said, Sayaka’s transformation sequence was rather cool. Even in the midst of this, Kyubey still wants Madoka. Kyoko interrupts Sayaka’s witch hunt and lets a few famliars get away, and immediately threatens Sayaka’s life. As you can tell, Kyoko is very skilled in her line of work. Confident enough to eat bread during the situation. With Kyoko’s intimidating presence I could tell things were gonna get really ugly. As Sayaka is getting the crap beaten out of her, she’s able to still stand from attack that should really have had her hospitallized for a few months. But Kyubey reveals that Sayaka’s contract was the Prayer of Healing enabling her to recover a lot faster than normal humans. I guess this would be in correlation to the fact that she had wish for the healing of Kyousuke’s left arm. Sayaka MAKENAI but she still gets her arse kicked and Madoka begs Kyubey to stop them. HE CAN’T DO ANYTHING APPARENTLY. IF SHE WANTS IT TO STOP, SHE HAS TO MAKE A WISH AND BECOME A PUELLA MAGI. The little bugger is rather persistant, isn’t he? I mean, who’s to say that Madoka would be able to stop them anyway? In any case, once Kyoko is about to deal the final blow, Akemi storms in, and defends Sayaka and well…shit was about to hit the fan but the episode ended right there.





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