Yumekui Merry 05 – Astray In A Dream

Astray In A Dream

「夢の中でアストレイ」 (Yume no naka de asutorei) “Astray in a Dream”

I’m rather aware of how late this post is. As you might know, the recent release of Lord of Arcana for the PSP has had me busy. Also I’ve resumed playing Xenoblade on the Wii, and today I’ve been waiting for The Last Story to arrive. ANYWAY, WHAT DID WE HAVE HERE? The beginning of Vol.2 in the manga, we are introduced to a new character named Yui and we are further introduced to Engi. (I’m aware that GG Subs named her Play, which works, but I’m gonna stick with Engi here).


Who is Yui and Engi?

So right from the get-go we’re introduced to a girl called Yui Kounagi who already appears to have been taken over by a Dream Demon. This Dream Demon is Engi Threepriece, the chick we were briefly introduced to 2 episodes ago. Yui is a voluntary vessel. Some time ago, Engi had appeared before Yui in a dream and desperately asked Yui to become her vessel for there was something that she needed to do. And what was Yui’s response? “OKAY, SURE THING.” Yui’s way too kind for her own good it would seem. In any case, the way their bonds works is that Yui has control for the most part, but Engi can speak to Yui through thoughts and can lend some of her dream demon hunting powers to Yui, hence the picture above.


Merry, don't do that.


Merry’s Time In Reality

Merry’s still getting accustomed to life in the real world thanks to Yumeji and the others whilst we see her help out with the shopping after Isana goes to a state of utter depression upon hearing that her favourite J-rock artist has gone on an indefinite hiatus. One of the biggest revelations in today’s episode was the revelation that Merry has been roaming around the real world for 10 years. This further supports my vague little theory about who Merry is (or rather was) to Yumeji. Yumeji got his powers of dream-seeking 10 years ago. COINCIDENCE?!? I THINK NOT. After a few images of Merry’s solitude for the past 10 years, Merry thanks Yumeji for giving her a purpose. No sooner after that does she remind him that she’s only with him to find her way back home and that’s it. WELL NOW, I THOUGHT WE WERE HAVING A MOMENT HERE?


I thought this place was just a normal store.


Yui, Collector of Dolls?

As it happens, Yui is a big fan of dolls. But not the barbie doll kind, and not the traditional japanese doll kinds either. But rather weird dolls…dolls that look almost like voodoo dolls. Yui and her blonde friend Nao are shopping in the same mall Merry and Yumeji are in. What better way for them to be introduced to each other than a BIG MISUNDERSTANDING complete with convenient gusts of of upskirt wind. Bonus points to Merry for bringing up the fact that he had seen her and Isana naked in the show the other day. Poor Yumeji. As a side note, Tomoko Akiya (she voices Yui) sounds rather weird in this role. But that’s just me.

Someone's not happy.

Let the Rehearsal Begin!

Shortly after Nao, Yumeji and Merry leaves. Engi notes that Yui’s heartbeat is rather irregular. Probably because of Yumeji I imagine. In any case, Yui is about to do another Dream Demon Scan. The effect is a 50m radius, and will bring any Dream Demons into Engi’s realm. There, she will defeat them. Yumeji and Merry are caught in her daydream. The visuals and design for Engi’s dream realm is rather bland, since it’s just a field full of wheat. I’m sure that it’s supposed to represent something, but I can’t quite figure out what it is. In any case, the latter half of the show takes place inside Engi’s dream realm. Engi thinks that they are the bad guys and believes that they are working for someone called Phaoros Elcres. With even more misunderstandings in place, a fight is sparked between Engi and Merry. The most noticeable thing about the fight was the dip in the quality of animation/art. The battle also seemed very light, in the sense that Merry was more or less in the air the entire time, dodge, weaving and kicking without much ground time. It was like that with her fight against John Doe in the first episode, only here it’s a bit more…airy…or floaty, if I’m making sense.

Those eyes...man she has a heavy burden.

The Big Revelation

Engi is actually out to avenge her older sister. I wasn’t aware dream demons could have siblings, but whatever. We don’t know her name, but she had apparently gone to the real world, only to end up being killed “by the likes of Merry”. In any case, the biggest revelation this episode was the fact that is is actually impossible for Dream Demons to go back to the Dream World once they’ve entered the reality. So what has Merry been doing all this time? Destroying them. Or to put it in Engi’s words: “OBLIVION!!!!” It came off as less of a shock than it should have. It isn’t due to the fact that I read the manga. I’m actually behind on it, and I need to catch up. But actually, it’s because Chris kinda hinted at this last episode.


Yumeji Plays Hero

Engi goes apeshit, and summons Sannasubi: Fifteen Nights. She isn’t done yet, and traps Merry against a wall. Yumeji angsts about how he swore to help and protect Yumeji, but when it really counts he can’t do fuck all. Showing no mercy, Engi takes her final slash at Merry, but not until Yumeji stands in the way to shield her. Backed with some typical “hero resolution” music. Engi is rather shocked that Yumeji took the blow. But no more than Merry. Next week, I imagine we’re gonna see Merry go from “tsundere” to just “dere”.

Dream Encounter

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