Lord of Arcana #3 – Agni Invades


Agni Invades.


I keep calling this thing “Ignis” instead of “Agni”. Damn Latin. In any case, after doing the first two quests of the game Yurizan feels some sort of aura coming from the temple nearby. More after the break.

We can take on a quest to take out Agni. This would be a special quest called an "Arcana Quest".


Sounds fair enough. Let's see where I'm headed.


A desert. Strange, the town is supposed to be covered in nothing but thick forests.

50 Coup de Graces later...


I find my self knocking on Agni's front door.

Magma Monster of Purgatory, Agni


Magma Monster of Purgatory, Agni.


I have to commend this game for having challenging boss battles. As if Nidhoog wasn’t tricky enough, this bad boy’s even tougher. He starts of the fight by rolling around the field. The thing to note is that he starts rolling around the field from the middle and gradually rolls outward over time. The key is to basically stay in the middle until he’s finished rolling. If you’re hit whilst he’s rolling we’ll be sent flying and you’ll be dazed. Now the annoying thing about being dazed is that you’re dazed FOREVER. Gee. If you keep tapping X it’ll apparently shorten the daze time, but it’s still a long time. Agni can roll over you again during this time, quite possibly killing you before get to do anything.


One tough fellow.


When he’s not rolling around, you can attack him. He has 3 points to attack, but at this point in the game you can only lock on to one spot. (I’m further than this point, in case you’re wondering.) You can only get access to the Eye of the Gods after you beat Agni which enables you to see other weak points. Agni’s weak point is his fiery right arm, but it takes FOREVER to destroy, so you’re better of not aiming for the arm, especially since you can’t lock onto it at this point. I was lucky however, and managed to cut it off through sheer luck.


While it can be a bit jarring, I love the way the camera tilts when an enemy is weak. It makes the fight all the more intense.

I'm not ashamed to admit it, I died the first time.


I managed to beat him the second time, but it was in a weird way. I got him to a point where he was more or less slouching across the field. As I kept attacking him I got into the Final Melee Duel, but my thumb slipped across the wrong button and it failed. As I desperately tried to attack Agni again…HE FUCKING FLED FROM THE BATTLE.

I couldn’t believe it. He could FLEE? So the battle ended and I was left back on the main field again. When I entered battle with Agni again (I had to find him) I was relieved to find out that his health was still in critical condition and I was actually able to cut off his arm, and then immediately went into the Final Melee Duel.


Harvest, huh?


When I beat the guy I was left in a critical state, so I could run anywhere, I could only slouch. About 6 items had sprawn out across the field and I only had 15 seconds to collect them all. Man, you should have seen my shouting at Yurizan to get her ass across the last item with 5 seconds to spare. Luckily I nabbed all of them, and Agni was harvested.


Harvesting means getting the monster core from an enemy. You will always be able to get a CHANCE at getting a monster core from bosses.


Monster cores are used for the blacksmith to create and enhance weapons an armour. At the time of writing this I have already faced and beated Agni 5 times and farmed 4 Agni Cores from him.


Until next time.










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