Lord of Arcana #2 – Discrimination?

A lighter title picture than the previous one.

So after having beaten the Nidhogg, we are treated to an FMV sequence where the warrior (you) must go on and take the path towards become a Lord of Arcana. More after the break.

I wake up in this temple place with nothing but those clothes on. What happened to my shining armour?

Turns out that Yurizan (my character) sacrificed her memories and knowledge so she can undertake the path of the Arcana. This explains my loss of shining armour, and the fact that Yurizan is now level 1 with more or less nothing. I mean, I should have seen this coming, but after being so awesome in the prologue I’m kinda left crippled… In any case, getting out of the creepy temple and outside to the port town.

Oh yeah, didn't show her before but this is my character, Yurizan. She needs some new threads, though. How about asking the locals around town?



Hey, old lady. I'm up HERE.

W-well, SORRY.

So rude. I guess it's because Yurizan's black.

Guild Member?

So we got the idea that if you’re not a member of the guild then no one in this town wants anything to do with you. Talk about discrimination. One of the little “moogle” look-alike thingies are prepared to help me out.


Which one? The bitchy one on the right I just spoke to? Or the other one?


So I spoke to the OTHER female and she was prepared to let me join the guild. However, I had to pass an entrance exam. Though she wouldn’t let me take part in…what I was wearing. So I had to speak to the bitchy female and borrow some armour off her.


Doesn't look too bad, really.


So the bitchy female takes care of Storage. You can store 1000 of any type of item with her and you can only hold 15 different times with you on hand, so you need to make use of her services (hehe…) a lot. So now that I’m decked out in some new threads it’s time to take on the Entrance Exam.


Kill 3 Goblin Fighters? Sorted.


You get a time limit for different quests. For this one, as you can see, you need to do it in 30 minutes. But all I was doing is killing 3 of the weakest enemies in the game?


Before I knew it, it was over.

Got my self an A Rank. Gonna try again for an S Rank soon, though.




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I'm Jeremiah George. Mostly known as McTricky online, and various places. Music, video games, anime, manga, piano. Those are my kinda stuff.

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