Freezing 04 – Tempest Turn

Tempest Card

「Tempest Turn」

As a heads up, the screencaps will look a little weird because I downloaded a 720p version of the show, but it’s uncensored so it still retains it’s 4:3 aspect ratio. Silly me. In any case, as much I am displeased with the anime adapation of Freezing so far, I enjoyed this episode…slightly. Notice the missing [NSFW] from the title? Yeah, there’s not much I can say for this episode other than the fact that they skipped out a number of Chapters from the manga that focus on Ingrid’s past. I would have liked to see her past animated because I really enjoyed that section in the manga, but of course, Freezing is a one cour show and I’m pretty sure they didn’t wanna pull a Naruto on us.

All we need to know is that Bridgette is NOT the strongest chick on the block.

Can people just WALTZ into the dorm rooms of the opposite gender?

One of Bridgette's adorably cute moments. On a side note, I'm aware her first name is Satellizer, but I just call her Bridgette.

Super-Saiyan-esque Pandora Mode? NOT SURE IF WANT.

Kazuya Man Points: +4

Some think it was weird for Ganessa to be explaining about Ingrid's past and why she's so bent on keeping order, since Ganessa has been the enemy for the past 3 episodes, but we have to remember that she was there and lived to tell the tale.

Oh my is that...censoring I see?

4 episodes and it's ready to move onto Vol.2 of the manga, like Yumekui Merry. But Freezing had to cut out a LOT of shit to get this far. Still, LANA ❤ ASDFKADJFAKDJAF


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  1. Gah, the 4:3 is so messed up as the super saiyan mode instead of pandora suit in Freezing. I can’t believe that aspect ratio is still used nowadays. I think most of fans will remember the TV for it.

    “Can people just WALTZ into the dorm rooms of the opposite gender?”

    That guy is so dense. Then again this is the same guy who remembers his sister topless in all his flashbacks.

    On a separate note, I don’t know about the manga but Yumekui Merry is looking good.

    • The whole 4:3 thing just spoils the visual quality of the show in my opinion. I mean, sure it’s in 16:9, but I’d rather not have 60% of my screen blacked up for 25 minutes, thank you.

      You’re right about Kazuya. He’s like an alpha male, but doesn’t even realize it.

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