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Sayaka’s Speech


“Mami’s dead! She’s gone! But she’s right there on my back and here in my heart! She lives on as a part of me! If you’re gonna wish, wish for a better tomorrow! No matter what’s in my way I won’t stop! Once I’ve cut through, it means I’ve won!

Yeah, I was bored and I saw this and I thought: “WHY THE HELL NOT?” Probably sucks and I can’t remember his speech all too well, but whatever.


Yumekui Merry 04 – Dream Eater Merry

Dream Eater Merry

「夢喰いメリー」 (Yumekui Merry)
“Dreameater Merry”

Last week I was hoping that JC Staff would wrap up the last two chapters of Volume 1 of the manga in one episode and that’s exactly what they did today. I’m glad the manga has resumed scanlation so I can read ahead, and Chapter 6 was my favourite Chapter in that volume (and so far). At first I thought Chizuru was just a character that was introduced that should not have been introduced yet. But as I read more of the manga, the more I begin to assume she’s an anime-exclusive character, or something. The same goes for Yumi, though, whether or not we’ll actually see her again hangs in question.

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