Puella Magi Madoka Magica 04 – Magic and Miracles Really Exist

Today was general feel like shit day.

「奇跡も、魔法も、あるんだよ」 (Kisekimo, Mahoumo, Arundayo)
“Miracles and Magic Really Exist”

I’ll be honest, this episode was rather…predictable. Not all of it, but some of it. Mami is really dead though, as Akemi explained in this episode, saying that a dead Magi’s body cannot return from the “other world”, so to speak. So all thoughts of Madoka wishing for her revival has fallen out of the window. Seriously, this is why I like this show. IT’S SERIOUS BUSINESS.

You know, off-topic, but I love how what this teacher is saying has nothing to do with what’s on the whiteboard. But anyway, whilst the general mood of this show was pretty downcast as Sayaka and Madoka mourn Mami’s death, a few interesting things happened. Due to Madoka’s character, she’s a bit hesitant with becoming a Puella Magi with all those conditions in place, but after witnessing Mami’s horrid death, the poor girl is absolutely terrified. A lot of us think that Kyube is supposed some evil puppet master, it’s quite interesting when he’s got a such a good poker face while he drops lines like how only Puella Magi have the right to criticize each other and how he can’t force them to make a contract with him. He even leaves the girls saying that he needs to find people who will make a contract with him.

Creepy, but the art is cool.

What could have been a moving scene for me was quickly ruined after I knew what was going to happened at the end of it. Sayaka visits her friend in hospital again, but he gets upset for that fact that she keeps getting him to listen to music, something he can never ever play again. He’s been told to give up by the doctor’s and even his music instructor. I was actually really connecting with this guy, because I can somewhat relate to him. I’m a musician myself and I play the piano, and if I was told that I could never play an instrument again, I’d be in angst as much as this guy. With that he smashes his CD (player?) with the numb hand and it bleeds as he cries out in pain. Sayaka says that miracles and magic do exist. Then Sayaka looks out the window AND GUESS WHO’S SITTING CONVENIENTLY ON THE WINDOWSTILL? KYUBE. DID HE NOT SAY HE WAS LEAVING? I totally saw it coming, but I can’t deny that I liked how it was executed.



Meanwhile, Madoka gets herself in trouble while she tries to stop her friend Hitomi from commiting suicide with a group of people. Hitomi and the rest all have the kiss of a witch on their necks. Madoka conjures up some courage and takes the substances they were gonna kill themselves with, and chucks them out the window. The people are not happy about that and proceed to attack but she locks herself in a room which just so happens to be the entrance to the witches’ labyrinth. She enters the realm and gets a new art style as the familiars begin to toy with her.



It’s Sayaka, who totally stole Marth’s outfit. Akemi isn’t too pleased, but who gives a shit? HOMERUN-CHAN HAS GOT A KATANA NOW. Ahem, and lets not forget Kyousuke, who can’t believe he’s been healed.


WELL, AREN'T YOU ONE HAPPY LITTLE FURBA---wait, who's that chick?

We meet a new character who is actually shown REALLY briefly in the OP. Her name is Kyoko, and she’s a Puella Magi. Since Mami’s dead, she was actually supposed take care of the witches in town, as per Kyube’s request. BUT KYUBE JUST GONE AND MADE A CONTRACT WITH SAYAKA. And now Kyoko wants to defeat her to claim her spot. Kyoko vs Sayaka? Veteran Magi vs Rookie Magi? I smell trouble.







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