Star Driver 16 – Takuto’s Mark

Takuto's Mark

「タクトのシルシ」 (Takuto no Shirushi)
“Takuto’s Mark”

This house is FREEZING and my hands are incredibly cold. But I’m gonna try and write this. So, I really liked this episode and it was fairly spectacular to watch. A few truths were revealed and this episode more or less ended the Mizuno arc.

Keito/Ivrogne just got a whole lot sexier with this new evil persona of hers.

Right off the bat, we’re given an official clue that Marino might not real, which has been speculated for quite a bit of time. If you remember in Episode 15, Marino had disappeared after they had a fallout concerning Mizuno’s mom. Mizuno’s aunt says her mom is still on the island and will be around for a few days. She gives Mizuno her address, but Mizuno doesn’t take it. The aunt then goes on to say, that even if Marino wasn’t around, then she’d still be fine. Mizuno didn’t understand what she meant which made me think that Mizuno had thought she was real and her actual sister. Later on, Mizuno meets up with Keito in the lab and questions her about how Keito knew she was the West Maiden, but she immediately falls unconscious.


They really like to sit in the hot bath together, don't they? I mean, I guess it's yaoi/bishounen fanservice, perhaps.

Sugata and Takuto have a conversation about Cybodies and apprivoising and ask Sugata asks Takuto whether or not he want the mark for the power. In this episode we do get see a bit of light on Takuto’s past which we’ve all been dying to see. Wako’s a bit of a sketchy one. When Takuto and Sugata tells her to join them in the bath, she actually considers it.


I wonder if Mizuno can tell who Ivrogne is?


Oh, well that was rather easy. She's a sharp one. :I

So, Mizuno comes to and she’s surrounded by Head, Ivrogne and other members of the Kiraboshi. Mizuno immediately recognizes Keito in her Kiraboshi outfit which makes me question how sharp the other characters are. Keito also makes a note about Mizuno’s first phase ability. She’s never seen Cybody combat because she’s immune to being pulled into Zero Time. Keito finds her mark, which is Mem. Keito goes on to note that only very few people who bear a mark can resist being pulled into Zero Time. She then says that Mizuno might have transferred that duty to the “clone” she made. At that point, Mizuno still doesn’t know what she means by “clone”. Keito reveals that she had created a “fake” sister many years ago, most likely to cope with the fact that her mom abandoned her. But that was many years ago and at that point, she probably forgot that she created her. Mizuno was in fact born an only child.


Mizuno's Maiden Cybody, Mem.


Head's Warrior Cybody, Reshbal.

Mizuno is placed inside of her Cybody, Mem. And Takuto is pulled into Zero Time whilst looking at the painting made by his father. Reshbal proceeds to break Mizuno’s seal. Mizuno does actually try to resist, but Reshbal’s too powerful, and it shatters. With half the seals broken, they are able to advance to the third phase, which happens almost immediately. More importantly, we find out that head is piloting the Reshbal Cybody. The reason why it looks a lot like Tauburn is because…well…Head is also a Ginga Bishounen. Takuto apprivoises and the battle begins.

On an irrelevant note, it was pretty interesting to see an advert for Puella Magi Madoka Magica during the break in the show advertising its BD and DVD release. ANYWAY…



Tau Galaxy Beam.

As expected, Head is more than a match for Takuto and struggles against his strength. Takuto gets cornered and Head uses his extremely powerful libido to drain Takuto of all of his powers. As Head is about to finish him off, I totally expected Sugata to intevene with the King’s Pillar and hack the fight like they did with Ayingott. However, instead of that, Takuto awakens some new found power. Maybe he advanced to another phase too? I mean, that would explain why Tauburn got some neat armour upgrades.


More foreshadowing on Takuto's father, huh.

We get to see an extensive portion of Takuto’s past at this point which Mizuno gets to witness. It focuses on his past life with his childhood friends Natsuo Komori, whom Takuto got his personality from and also the quote “When what you want to do is what you ought to do, you can hear the voice of the world.” Natsuo died of a sudden illness which he was aware he had, but still lived an adventurous life regardless. Then there’s Hana Okada, who’s voiced by Kawashima Umika who happens to be part of 9nine. Apparently, Takuto had something of a crush on her, but he was aware that she had like Natsuo. Then there’s Icaro Tsunashi, Takuto’s grandfather, who looks pretty damn cool I should add. He taught Takuto how to dual-wield and also gave Takuto his mark. We also find out that Takuto’s father had abandoned him, just like Mizuno’s mother did. At the end of the flashback, Takuto defeats Head buy thrown Saphir at him and then performing a flashier version of Ginga Cross Slash.


We have now come to the end of Mizuno's arc...

Right after Zero Time, Takuto is approached by Mizuno on the bus. She says her farewells as Takuto says that he’ll see her in school tomorrow. But at this point we’ve already figure out that she won’t be at school tomorrow. She’s leaving the island, just like Sakana-chan did. It was actually quite a heartwarming ending to the episode and the arc. Mizuno is leaving the island to go and find her mother and confront her. Because of this she gets a call from Marino and tells her that if the illusion never disappears, it’s real. The reunion between Marino and Mizuno was pretty well done, filled with emotion.


Next episode: Vanishing Age











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