Yumekui Merry 03 – From The Other Side of The Dream


From The Other Side of the Dream

「夢の向こうから」 (Yume no Mukou kara)
“From Beyond the Dream”

This was a pretty decent episode, and I quite enjoyed it, even though I knew what was going to happen. Today’s episode focuses on young girl named Minato, a cute and clumsly little fellow who has no friends.

I love how her hat droops down along with her expression.

One of the more noticable things I noticed at the start of the episode was the artwork put into the background of the urban city that Yumeji and Isana were walking through. The same thing goes for the scene where Yumeji and Merry are playing with Minato in the park. Minato finds Merry on top of a tower, and she’s dreamin’ of them donuts she loves so much. Meanwhile, Yumeji gets his fortune told from a Guricho Ranger. It’s a bad day for Cancer, and Yumeji has to keep his head up. The scene seems pointless but it becomes a recurring gag in this episode.

The hot "tsun" red haired chick likes to hang out in dark places wearing nothing but a gym outfit and drinking some soda.

Meanwhile, we see a brief scene of Chizuru hanging out in some dark place. The first thing you might notice is that her eyes have changed. She’s appears to be cross-eyed. SEE WHAT I DID THERE? Ahem, in any case, while we STILL don’t know what her deal is, we do know that she has a a Dream Demon inside her, or she IS a Dream Demon.


I couldn't stop laughing at this.


Back at the park Minato is chilling with Merry and she brings out her lunch from her bag. DONUTS! Merry: DO WANT. The two of them have a conversation, leading to the topic that Minato doesn’t have any friends because of a girl called Ichima telling her that no one will be friends with her. Ichima is Minato’s one and only friend, but she only comes out at night. At night? I smell a rat.


I mean, he's using his right foot, but okay...


Yumeji appears at the same park looking for Merry but gets decked in the face by a can from above, playing on the fortune telling gag from earlier. Further playing on that gag, Merry falls on top of him from the trees in the exact same manner as she did back in Episode 1. After a fair bit of introductions, Yumeji challenges the both of them to a game of Kick the Can claiming that he can’t be beaten. But both him and Merry get beating by the young Minato and we don’t even get to see ANY of it. That was rather disappointing because I don’t even know how Kick the Can works…other than kicking a can.


I have to say that is a rather lovely park.


Time for Yumeji to give Minato a bit of his own “fortune telling” and we find out that her impending dream is going to be a nightmare. Before we know it, Minato is pulled into a daydream. Inside this dream world full of flowers and blossoms, we meet Ichima, Minato’s “friend”. As expected, she’s a Dream Demon. She tries to manipulate Minato into letting her take control, but Merry comes in and intervenes in a nice blossomy fashion. After hearing that Minato knows Merry and that she had played with her, things get ugly. Especially Ichima’s face.




To everyone’s surprise, Yumeji also appears as if this is nothing and deduces that the realm they are in is a daydream. Our little Dream Eater Merry doesn’t even know what a daydream is. Without warning, Ichima summons a huge frickin’ Daruma doll from the sky. However, Yumeji was ready for it, due to his fortune about keeping his head up. As I said, that fortune became a recurring gag in this episode. At this point, Merry gets in close to Ichima, but instead of kicking her ass, she…pinches her cheek. Her attitude changes as she tries to persuade Minato to help her, but she isn’t having any of it. Then Merry finishes her off by bitch-slapping her to whence she came. The gate to the dream world opens, but unfortunately Ichima prevents Merry from pursuing her, getting left behind once again.


Simply priceless.


Ichima looks like a Japanese doll, and she is the embodiment of Minato’s lonliness. Like Yumi from last episode, things automatically turn back to normal, and Minato dismisses everything as a mere dream. The only difference is that she is now able to play with the other kids in the park. Elsewhere, Yumeji tells Merry about his power and offers Merry his help to find Dream Demons with it.


What is that...like...a ninja turtle?


In the final scene of this episode I was rather surprised to see that J.C Staff decided to put the wheels of Volume 2 of the manga in motion. A bit of foreshadowing is to be seen in a scene with a chick with wings wielding a sword holding another creature at her mercy.

Next episode will be great and I’m hoping that they somehow merge both Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 into one episode, because I really liked those Chapters of the manga. Hopefully it should do, because the name of the next episode is the same as Chapter 6’s name.


Next Episode: Dream Eater Merry



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