Star Driver 15 – Maidens of the Seals

The Maidens of the Seals

「封印の巫女」 (Fuin no Miko)
“The Maiden of the Seal”

Well, this was quite an interesting episode. What set this episode apart from the others is that there was no weekly apprivoising. This episode was just solely PLOT. A few revelations were made too, and there was a lot more development as the episode focused a lot on Mizuno this week.

She's quite forward, huh.

So as we all know, Mizuno has a blantant crush on Takuto. If Takuto doesn’t realize this then I pity the guy. Honestly. She tries to sneak a kiss in but is saved by the needs of men. Also, though she isn’t really seen, or doesn’t really talk much in this episode, the arrival of Mizuno and Marino’s (?) mom to the island sets things in a real spin between the two sisters. We also get to see a bit more jealousy on Wako’s side concerning the fact that Mizuno got the role to kiss Takuto and not her. I don’t know if it’s anime or Japan or BOTH, but they really take their first kisses seriously, don’t they? With that mindset, I sometimes find it hard to watch Kimi ni Todoke, not that’s it a bad show. Oh and the “(?)” was put there because there’s been some speculations that Marino might not actually exist due to the fact that she was absent from Mizuno’s (West Maiden) memories when searching for the Maiden’s using Ayingott’s eyes.

Pretty good painting.

Also we get to see another conversation with Sugata and Head again, but this one is brief. Head more or less lets it out that he’s a member of the Kiraboshi which gets a Sugata a little hostile and attempts to summon the King’s Pillar before Head stops him. Head apparently has a spot for Sugata as the representative of Kiraboshi’s first section named Emperor. I guess this was his plan all along, which more or less sums up the reason behind these chats. He also claims that no Warrior Star Driver has been able to beat him. He also claims that the Ginga Bishounen isn’t an enemy but thinks of him as a sort of ally. With those cryptic words, he leaves, with his painting finished.

Yeah, main characters tend to have that trait.

Things take a turn for the worst on Mizuno’s end when she eavesdrops on a conversation between the main trio and misunderstands, thinking that Takuto likes Wako instead of her. Sugata had put a bet on saying that if Takuto wins in the next training session then he will BLOODY CANCEL HIS ENGAGEMENT TO WAKO. What does Takuto say?


Mizuno is...





This event causes her to skip school, worring Marino and leaving her to think that someone had found out that she was the West Maiden. After a surprise visit from the mother that abandoned them all those years ago (though she doesn’t actually come in the house) Marino and Mizuno have a fall out. (Note that she only came asking for Mizuno.) Mizuno wakes up and since she can’t stand the fact that her mother is on the island she decides to leave the island for a bit. BZZZT. EEHH ERRR. WRONG. If anyone’s being paying real attention to this series, it’d be known that no Maiden can leave the island ever without having their seal broken. That is why Sakana-chan, the North Maiden was able to leave the island during Episode 8. She had already had her seal broken by Head in the beginning of the show.


Forever alone.


Here comes the repetitive part of the show which showcases Mizuno’s attempts to leave the island by the local ferry. As she tries to go the mainland she is sent back to the morning where she woke up. After the first time, she dismisses it as a dream and tries again. The same thing happens over and over again, with her trying different methods, but to no avail. She finally breaks down. Seeing Mizuno in this state was quite a way of character development and this behaviour was in major contrast to her usual upbeat and happy-go-lucky personality.


"Cute chick on my speedboat? Hell yeah!"


Wako had figured out that Mizuno was trying to leave the island because the air had apparently been “restless”. Seeking advice from Wako and her grandmother (at least I think that’s who she is), Mizuno learns that Maiden’s can’t leave the island. Later on Keito comes upons Mizuno singing her hymn and tells her that she knows a way for her to leave the island. We can ONLY assume this is to break her seal which is her intention. Subtle, BONES.


Creepy, yet hot.


Next week, we’re getting Tauburn vs Tauburn. That is all.





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