Puella Magi Madoka Magica 02 – That’d Make Me Happy


That'd Make Me Happy

「それはとっても嬉しいなって」 (Sore wa Tottemo Ureshii Natte)
“That Would Make Me Really Happy”

NOW I know why I love this show. Mami Tomoe is officially awesome. I’m glad I decided to give this show a watch because there’s some pretty good stuff going on with this show. Also, over the past week I’ve grown to fall in love with the show’s OP. Heck, even today I learned the chorus to the song on piano! I think I’m becoming a fan of ClariS. In any case, this week’s episode served as an explanation to the situation, who Mami is, what Kyube is, who Akemi is, what witches are, basically everything.


Oh, there you are.

I’ve really come to enjoy this show because of how different it appears to be compared to other mahou-shoujo shows I’ve looked at. In this episode we were basically shown the ropes about witch-hunting. The episode starts with a conversation between Madoka and her mom, Junko in that big ass bathroom of theirs. The conversation seems to have no relevance to anything but it’s nice to seem them having a normal conversation like that, with topic focusing on Junko’s work. It’s also revealed that no one can see Kyube apart from Puella Magi…and Madoka and Sayaka.

I like an organized woman.

So Mami has this thing called a Soul Gem which is born when a girl forms a contract with Kyube. By forming a contract, she can fulfill any wish. But it isn’t that easy. There’s a catch. Once you form a contract with Kyube, you must become a Puella Magi and fight fight witches. Witches are basically the opposite of the Puella Magi. Normal humans can’t see them, just as normal humans can’t see Kyube. They’re responsible for unexplained suicides and murders. They’re caused by the witches’ curses.

Puella Magi = Wishes | Witches = Curses. Right, got it.

Puella Magi = Hope | Witches = Despair. Okay, understood.

So, they can have any wish granted to them by Kyube, but the catch is that they must risk their lives as Puella Magi fighting dangerous witches. Mami invites them on a witch hunt, to hunt the very witch that attacked them last episode.

"Don't mind me, I'm jus' chillin' in the hot tub."

Now, with all the seriousness aside, it was nice to see some light in the episode, especially from Hitomi. Madoka brings Kyube along to school, which is fine since no one can see them, and they find out that they can all speak with each other with their minds through Kyube’s telepathy. However, Sayaka baits it out and Hitomi gets the misunderstanding that they were highly “intimate” with each other than they can read each other’s minds and runs off in her high-pictched squeal.


Check out the classrooms.

Now, let’s take the time to remind ourselves that Akemi (who tried to kill Kyube last episode) is in the same class as Madoka, but it’s cool cuz’ Mami’s around. Akemi is a strong Puella Magi, however her reasons for defecting are unknown but Mami speculates that it’s because of competition.

He certainly seems relevant.

So, it's time for the witch hunt. What does Sayaka bring? A baseball bat. Cool stuff.

What does Madoka bring? Sketches of her Puella Magi outfit.

I mean, really.

Well, that was rather cute. In any case, one thing I do like about this show is it’s animation. As I said before, SHAFT is doing a real number on this original anime. Such as the rotating background as the trio walk along the straight road. A woman is about to commit suicide, and for a moment I thought that it was Junko, but I was wrong. The bitch jumps and Mami quickly leaps into action to save her.


Mami turns Sayaka’s bat into a sceptre and now they’re ready to kick ass. Well…Mami is at least. I love the way Mami just whips out guns out of nowhere and just tosses them aside. They finally reach the witch. In my head I was thinking this witch would like like a classic with, or some sort of sultry looking woman. But no.

THAT is the witch.

I don’t really like all these realistic enemies clashing against the animated characters, it all seems a bit too dodgy for me. In any case…

And for my next trick...




Mami picks up the spoils of her fight. A Grief Seed which are found on witches upon their defeat. What they do is replenish a Puella Magi’s Soul Gem so they can use magic again. Think of it as an RPG. The Soul Gem is her MP (Magic Points) which wittles down her magic powers as she uses it. The Grief Seed replenshes that consumed magic power so they can use it again. Magic power is needed to fight witches, and Grief Seeds can only be found upon defeating a witch, so without magic power you can’t defeat a which, therefore not getting Grief Seed there for becoming utterelly SCREWED.

PREVIEW CARD (Wait, who's the guy on the right?)


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