Fractale 01 – Encounter



「出会い」 (Deai)

(Yay for new layout and bigger bigger pictures!) I’m not blogging this show, but I did wanna say a few things about the first episode. I wasn’t interested in Fractale at all, to be honest. I had it downloaded before my friends did but I was the last to watch it. They were all saying that they either didn’t like the show or that they found it rather weird.

So, I just finished watching the episode, and I found it to be pretty okay, though I have no clue what the heck is going on in terms of plot. The world seems to be inhabitated by these robot-like creatures, and you only see a few humans about. The main character’s parents are “doppels” meaning that they aren’t human, but it’s revealed that his parents did once have a human entity as shown in a video of when Clain was a kid.

Clain and Phryne.

You then had Phryne (who’s hair color is SUPPOSED to be purple), a mysterious girl who was on the run from a trio of people for some mysterious reason. Clain saves her and gives her shelter at his house, treating her wounds and they both develop some kind of friendship. That is, until she up and leaves him with a strange accessory which is actually a form of data. Clain quickly goes to his computer to access the data and BOOM, out comes a little red haired girl. Episode ends there.

It’s an innocent show, and you have to be able to appreciate the world that it’s set in to enjoy. I found myself watching this as if it were a Studio Ghibli production, because that’s what I was reminded of when I saaw the setting. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed the episode, but I did find it intriguing and I’ll be looking into the next episode to see what the deal is with the little girl.


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